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About Working Groups

Working groups are the fundamental organizational unit of Identity Commons (see Organizational Structure) they have have tremendous autonomy -- so much so that a Working Group can be a complete separate legal or social entity whose own charter or incorporation need not make any mention of Identity Commons.

Working Groups must have a charter that is consistent with our Purpose And Principles, and it must appoint a Steward. The Steward serves as the Working Group's representative on the Stewards Council and has a vote on organizational-wide issues, including approving of new Working Groups. Working Groups are welcome to appoint one alternative to serve on the Stewards Council when the main Steward is not available to vote.

An individual may be appointed the Steward of multiple Working Groups; however, the individual will only get one vote.

Working Groups

The following is a list of Working Groups. Click on the charter pages for a general description, or go directly to the working group's own home page (often an external website).

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
Community, Events and Advocacy
Identity Gang Identity Gang Charter Identity Gang Paul Trevithick
Internet Identity Workshop Internet Identity Workshop Charter Kaliya Hamlin
Photo Group Photo Group Charter Photo Group Pam Dingle
ID-Legal Collaboration - transitioning (see eCitizen Council below) ID-Legal Charter ID-Legal Charter2 ID-Legal Dazza Greenwood
Kids Online Kids Online Charter Kids Online Denise Tayloe
Digital Death Digital Death Charter Digital Death DayDigitalDeathDay DigitalDeathDay-Europe Vered Shabit
OSIS OSIS Charter OSIS now on John Bradley
OpenID OpenID Charter David Recordon
Higgins Project Higgins Project Charter Mary Ruddy
Information Sharing Workgroup Information Sharing Workgroup Charter [1] this group is Kantara Work Group. Joe Andrieu
Social Agreements, Policy XDI Org Charter Bill Washburn
VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) VRM Charter Iain Henderson
Identity Media Review Group IdMedia Charter IdMedia Bob Blakely
DataPortability DataPortablity Charter Data Portability Website Elias Bizannes
Personal Data Ecosystem Personal Data Ecosystem Charter Personal Data Ecosystem Site Personal Data Ecosystem wiki space Kaliya Hamlin
Phasing Out
Newbies4Newbies Newbies4Newbies Charter Newbies4Newbies Chris Reynolds
Givotovsky's "New Digital Deal" Project Givotovsky Charter Brett McDowell
Claims Broker Claims Broker Charter Claims-Agent wiki Sandy Porter & Susan Morrow
NSTIC Community Discussion Group Charter NSTIC Community Discussion Group Charter NSTIC Jay Unger
eCitizen Council, Previously eCitizen Foundation WG and ID-legal WG eCitizenCharter being updated eCitizen web sites eCitizenCouncil web sites Dazza Greenwood
Identity Schemas Identity Schemas Charter Identity Schemas Paul Trevithick
SAML Commons SAML Commons Charter Peter Davis
XDI Commons XDI Commons Charter Drummond Reed
Pamela Project Pamela Project Charter Pamela Dingle
Information Card Foundation Information Card Foundation Charter i-card Foundation Website Paul Trevithick
User-Centric Health User-Centric Health Charter User-Centric Health Mike Kirkwood
Identity Commons Evangelism & Marketing IC Evangelism & Marketing Charter IC Evangelism & Marketing Christopher Allen

In Progress

NEXT UP for Vote

These groups are formed and waiting for discussion and a vote.

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
NymRights NymRights Charter Aeseteix

Under Development

The following groups are ideas that people have for groups they are not ready for a vote:

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward

Federated Social Web Federated Social Web Charter Federated Social Web at W3C Evan Prodomo
Groups that were proposed but are no longer active or there wasn't a fit and won't be voted on.
OAuth OAuth Charter [OAuth Site] Eran Hammer-Lahav
WebID Web ID Charter [] Henry Story
Project Nori Project Nori Charter Project Nori Joe Johnston
Project Danube Project Danube Charter Project Danube Makus Sabadello
Volunteered Personal Information VPI Charter VPI Sig Iain or Mark
Identity Market IDMarket Charter IDMarket Mike Ozburn
Enterprise Identity Architects Group Enterprise Identity Architects Charter Enterprise Identity Architects
Owen Davis Award Owen Davis Award Charter Owen Davis Award
Data Sharing DataSharing Charter
Usability of Identity Systems Usability Charter User-Centric Usability
Inclusive Initiatives Inclusive Initiatives Charter Inclusive Initiatives
Bandit Project Bandit Project Charter
Identity & Trust Identity Trust Charter
Story of Digital Identity StoDID Charter STODID StoDID Aldo Castaneda
Unified Messaging Group Unified Messaging Charter Unified Messaging Wiki Charles Andres Charter Wiki Page Civic ID Website Louis Klepner

Inactive Groups

The following is a list of working groups that are no longer active.

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
Identity Commons Collaborative Tools IC Collaborative Tools Charter IC Collaborative Tools Eugene Eric Kim
Standards Gang Standards Gang Charter Dick Hardt
Identity Mashup Identity Mashup Charter Jon Ramer
EUCLId EuclidCharter Merged into the Identity & Trust WG
I-Tags Itags Charter I-Tags was merged into the XDI Commons WG
I-Broker Interoperation Ibroker Interoperation Charter Was merged into the I-Broker Commons WG
XRI Registration Privacy XRI Registration Privacy Charter Was merged into the I-Broker Commons WG
Owen Davis Award Owen Davis Award Charter Owen Davis Award
Enterprise Positioning Enterprise Positioning Charter Enterprise Positioning Gary Ardito
Identity Rights Agreements Identity Rights Agreements Charter Identity Rights Agreements Fen Labalme
I-Broker Commons Ibroker Commons Charter Owen Davis
Identity Futures Group IdFutures Charter Identity Futures Nicholas Givotovsky



IdentityCommons WorkingGroups have access to shared resources. Initially, these resources consist of:

  • A project page on the IdentityCommons web site
  • Mailing list hosting on the IdentityCommons server.

Quarterly Reports