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The IdentityCommons Photo Group maintains three galleries on flickr. Anyone can view the galleries; only members can post photos to them. To join the Photo Group, email the steward or the alternate stewards - but sign up for a flickr account first!

To see the photos, go to one of the galleries:

The Photo Group Member Gallery:

The Art of Identity:

Identerati Portraits:

To join these groups just login to Flickr, go to the page of the group in Flickr and request to join.

To Add photos to the Photo Groups here's what you do:

  • click on a picture in your photostream
  • you'll be taken to a copy of it with a bunch of icons above it
  • one of them says "send to group".
  • click that icon and it will open up a drop-down menu with a list of the groups you belong to
  • scroll down and choose the appropriate identity commons group.

IIW 2008B Photo Show

From Identerati Portraits:

From The Art of Identity:

Identity Commons Photo Group Member Gallery: