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Supporting Working Groups

Working Group Requirements

Novell would pay for conference call. Who would the account be? Need to handle the succession. Ask community about conference call services.

OSIS would like to run its own PHP plugins on the Wiki.

OSIS Mailing lists

  • osis-general list consistently does not send email to Dale
  • Pam Dingle has helped a lot

Fen is not a sysadmin. CivicActions has excellent sysadmins based in Moscow.

Fen's dream -- 6-8 hours of their work, they could get everything set up. Monthly, they're already doing backups and monitoring for free (normally $100/month). Monthly needs -- 4-5 hours/month - maybe less. $125/hour (about $500/month) company rate. Need on-demand time. Retainer rate?

Website Administration

System Migration Plan

Eugene has offered to host IC's Wikis and blogs at Blue Oxen Associates. Here is the current roadmap:

  1. Move all Wikis/blogs from IC to Blue Oxen server. (date?)
  2. Move all Wikis/blogs from other machines (Pam, Azigo) to Blue Oxen server. (date?)
  3. Document all the IC-related sites on this Wiki so we have a complete list of everything we have/don't have.

Wiki Gardening TODO List

--Paul.trevithick 14:10, 26 January 2008 (PST)Created this new section to track progress.

Identity Gang WG Issues

  • [Paul & Fen]: http://identitygang.org should point to Identity Gang [DONE]
  • [Paul]: Individuals page (which is now self-service) should be resurrected; I think it is a valuable asset --a directory of identity folks

Identity Schemas WG Issues

Wiki Gardening DONE List

Identity Schemas Issues