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The Identity Gang formed in 2004, evolving from a mailing list, a podcast, and meetings at conferences to the leading industry event in user-centric identity - The Internet Identity Workshop. The 10th one is coming up in May 2010. Many community projects are working groups of Identity Commons - a very diverse and inclusive industry coordinating body. The stewards of Identity Commons meet monthly for a teleconference that is open to anyone - it is like a mini-Internet Identity Workshop updating community activity.

You can join the "gang" too on the community mailing list. To join send an email to Subscribe.

We have an active mailing list of over 500 people.

Prior to January 2, 2009, this list was hosted at These list contents are not public but are available to the members of that list (for list members, here is a link to that archive).

We are a Working Group of Identity Commons - see our charter.


To support the ongoing conversation about what is needed for a user-centric Internet identity layer that supports the whole marketplace, especially individuals.


The Internet Identity Workshop is the main community conference series.

Information Resources

  • Identity Axioms
  • Identity Landscape - Groups Communities and Projects, Conferences, Protocols and Technologies
  • Lexicon - a shared vocabulary to discuss user centric identity concepts in this community.
  • Identipedia - Identipedia is a shared space where we can look at a range of definitions from a range of different communities. For example, if there are three different definitions of Trust from three different groups, all three will be listed along with a link to where the definition was drawn from.
  • Reference - Two main sections: Concepts and Background Papers, Privacy Law and Society
  • Systemic Elements is a list of the key elements in identity systems.