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The Lexicon was developed by the Identity Gang it is a resource for the whole community to have a shared language.The following terms and definitions have been compiled since August 2005. See also Lexicon Goal and Lexicon Style Guide.

  1. Agent
  2. Claim
  3. Claimant
  4. Digital Identity
  5. Digital Identity Provider
  6. Digital Subject
  7. Entity
  8. Identity Attribute
  9. Identity Context
  10. Party
  11. Persona
  12. Relying Party

Rework: We continuously fix bugs in the Lexicon, but I think Persona in particular needs some rework (i.e. shift its definition from being based on DI to being based on DS).

Proposals, Pending

The following links propose changes, additions, deletions, etc. to the lexicon. Nothing has happened on this for a while. The first gen of the lexicon was edited and pushed along by PaulT, but he's not done anything since 2007 on this "v2" effort:

It is also worth Noting that the ITU Lexicon/Ecosystem group has put forward that it would like to define the following terms. These could change of course but as of April 25 this was the list.

Jaco Lexicon Change2 - adding

Proposals, Incorporated

The following links have been incorporated into the lexicon:

  • Paul Lexicon Changes -adding: party, agent, relying party, identity povider, identity context, adding some comments to digital identity and claim, deleting user. Incorporated 2-Jan-2006

Related Work

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  2. Modinis-IDM Common Terminological Framework for Interoperable Electronic Identity Management
  3. SAML 2.0 glossary
  4. OpenPrivacy.org definitions page
  5. PT Ong's glossary
  6. Stefan Brand's Primer--though more than a glossary this paper (also listed in [Reference Documents]) is helpful
  7. Digital Identity - Wikipedia entry
  8. Identity Concepts and Definitions, Dan Blum, Burton Group, --courtesy of Jamie Lewis (also listed [Reference Documents])
  9. ISO/ITU X.911 - definitions in section 6.5
  10. See also Reference