Lexicon Goal

From IdCommons


To create a minimal set of terms that enable discussion of the technical operations, technical architecture, and user experience of user-centric identity systems.


  1. The terms should be as few in number as possible and build on one another.
  2. To be as accessible as possible we may have to avoid using single words whose meanings are either too broad or are overloaded in common usage, and instead use multi-word combinations. For example, we will define "digital identity" to have a single specific meaning and avoid using the single word term "identity."
  3. If we're successful one should be able to easily visualize what the digital manifestation of a given term might be.
  4. There are several other existing sources of definitions. Where these can be referenced, they should be.
  5. We will use as a starting point the three terms put forward by Kim Cameron in his Laws of Identity: Digital Identity, Digital Subject, and Claim. See Words That Allow Dialogue
  6. Each term will have a concise and carefully edited description. Comments on these terms should not conflict with the definition, but should provide insights on the definition from multiple perspectives. In the interest of color and nuance these comments will not be held to the same editing standards as the definition.