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Information Card Foundation


Advance the use of the Information Card metaphor as a key component of an open, interoperable, royalty-free, user-centric identity layer spanning both the enterprise and the Internet.


This working group will operate by the Identity Commons principles along with the following general principles:

  • Distributed architectures
  • User-centricity
  • Open source, non-proprietary infrastructure
  • Open data standards
  • Secure personal data store with access via i-cards of specific claim subsets as permitted by the user.

The Information Card Foundation publishes on its website its operating principles. These were derived to be consistent with the Principles of Identity published by the the international organization OECD. Only principles of identity that can be expressed in software will be considered in scope.

Provide an IP-safe zone for industry collaboration on open implementations.


The following practices are to be followed by this Foundation:

  • Create and fund working groups to address specific issues requiring industry-wide participation and disband them when they complete their mission.
  • Create a robust website that will provide:
    • report news and developments
    • a schedule of upcoming events that support, promote information cards
    • policy and code to solve specific problems- information card downloadable plug-ins
    • lists of companies that support information card on their sites
    • lists of identity providers supporting information cards
    • organize meetings
    • provide info on:
      • how to use information cards
      • how to get your own
      • how to be an identity provider
      • how to become a relying party using information cards
  • Wikis will be used for documents shared among members and committees
  • Support and hold unconferences and conferences
  • Meetings will be held both:
    • face to face
    • telcon
  • blogs, im, twitters, rss feeds will be used and linked
  • code development will be encouraged by providing samples, and holding contests to solve specific coding problems.
  • There will be an IP Policy governing discussions under the following:
    • code shared shall be considered open source to be distributed under EPL or Apache license terms unless otherwise specifically documented and controlled via NDAs signed in advance.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

This working group will be organized as a 501c(6) non-profit corporation. Membership will be determined by the bylaws of the corporation, Membership will be open to any individual or organization supporting informationcards and who pays their annual dues.

Membership in this working group is open to any individual or organization interested in the advancement of information cards. Organizations will be charged a fee relative to its size. Individuals will be able to register at the website. , or send email to

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

While it is the intent of this organization to leverage and recommend existing open specfications, when a new specification is created, it will follow the ICF's IPR Policy for specifications. All information card specifications are open, public, royalty-free specifications with no restrictions on usage. While it is not the primary intent of the organization to create source code, any code created by the organization will be made available under an open license such as the Apache License 2.0.

Other software that is interoperable with information card components and solutions may be certified by the Information Card Foundation.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

All major deliverables and milestones that affect the identity commons community will be posted on the website

Current Meeting Schedule

Future meetings will be posted on the website as well as archives of past meeting minutes.

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Reps and alternates will be selected by the I-Card Foundation board of directors.

  • Representative: Paul Trevithick
  • Alternate: Mary Ruddy

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The Information Card Foundation was founded in 2008 and launched at the Burton Group's Catalyst Conference in June 2008.