Personal Data Ecosystem

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The main website for the Personal Data Ecosystem is here

Privacy Green Paper Response -- due Jan 28, 2011

FTC Do Not Track Response -- due Feb 18, 2011

We are using this space for tracking community activity and doing things that are better done on wiki's than blogs.

We (Aldo and Kaliya) are launching a podcast to cover the people, companies, organizations and emerging projects in this space. Here is a list of people we see as potential guests. We invite others to contribute to the list.

Episode 1: Kaliya Hamlin and Aldo Castaneda

Episode 2: TBD

Potential Guests:

  • Startups in the space, Trust Fabric, Switch Book, Paoga, Innopay, Edentity, Mint, Statz, Poyozo, backupfiy, pachube, grphlin
  • MyDex Team members: Ian Henderson, William Heath, David Alexander
  • Azigo: Paul Trevithick, Tom
  • Project Danube: Markus Sabadello
  • XDI: Drummond Reed
  • Project Nori: Joe Johnston
  • World Economic Forum: Rico Oloya, William Hoffman
  • Project VRM: Doc Searls, Joyce Searls, Rene Lloyd
  • ID-Legal: Scott David
  • Microsoft: Marc Davis
  • Google: Rohit Khare, Joseph Smarr, Chris Messina
  • Mike Ozburn
  • Telco 2.0: Philip and Simon
  • UMA: Eve Maler
  • David Recordon
  • Health Care side of things Brian Belendorf, Adrian Gropper
  • Data Aggregator Companies
  • Law Lab: John Clippinger
  • OIX: Don Thibeau
  • Personal Info Could: Thomas Vander Wal
  • Phone Companies providing PDS services
  • User Experience: Mary Hodder
  • Visionary: Marc Canter
  • Data Portability Folks: Phil Wolf, Steven Greenburg, Daniela Barbosa, Elias Bizannes
  • Higgins Project: Mary Ruddy
  • Nat Sakamura