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Newbies4Newbies Working Group


  1. To provide a Web-based repository of introductory information about identity management and Identity Commons. The repository is to include succinct basic information along with links to further information for deeper study. Core topics are internet identity, Identity Commons and its principles, identity layer technology, and Internet Identity Workshops.
  2. To coordinate activities during Internet Identity Workshops for welcoming newcomers and helping them get up to speed quickly and confidently.
  3. To faciliate the sharing of experts' insights with newcomers on how best to grasp the foundations of identity constructs.
  4. To help veteran members of the community learn about rapidly changing topics in the identity field that may be new to them.
  5. To recruit and retain active new members to lead the Group's initiatives for subsequent newcomers.


  1. Web resources:
    1. Provide briefs that introduce key concepts and practical topics quickly.
    2. Provide authoritative, community-vetted Web links to comprehensive descriptions and definitions for participants seeking further information.
    3. Provide information not just for people new to the area of internet identity, but also for people familiar with some aspects of identity but new to others.
  2. Workshop resources:
    1. Provide assistance to first-time attendees at workshops.
    2. Invite subsequent participation of first-time attendees in this working group to share their unique perspective. Maintain an atmosphere that encourages newcomers to speak up and veterans to facilitate. Newcomers know best what they would like to have seen or experienced. Sharing this knowledge enables better information and practices.
    3. Encourage veterans who are not facilitating to move on to other groups so new members can cycle in.
    4. At each workshop, elect or re-elect a steward and alternate for the period between that workshop and the next workshop.


  • Communication will by via mailing list.
  • Whenever possible and useful, information published on this group's Web pages should be vetted by experienced members of Identity Commons to insure accessibility, accuracy and scope.
  • Whenever possible and useful, links to Web resources and descriptions of the resources' content should be provided by members of Identity Commons with relevant experience.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

  • New members should be new to one or more topics within internet identity and/or new to participating in Internet Identity Workshops.
  • To join, contact any current member and ask to participate. Your new ideas will freshen the group's perspective and keep the group's output relevant.

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

All content published to the Web by this working group belongs to Internet Commons. Web content and workshop activities are subject to the oversight of the Stewards Council.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

  1. Establish email address where new and veteran members can exchange questions and answers in an accessible, FAQ-style format. Due September 1.
  2. Compose set of Web pages containing information and links to further information. Due September 12.
  3. Collaborate with the IIW2008b (November '08) design team on material for newcomers.

Current Schedule

Next scheduled meeting will be at IIW2008b.
Conference calls in August will facilitate completion of top two deliverables above.

Current Membership

John Adams
Silona I. Bonewald
Sarah Dopp
Jens Haeusser
Tony Haile
Kaliya Hamlin
Ryan Janssen, Alternate
Eugene Eric Kim
Paul Madsen
Dan Nelson
Sylvain Poirier
Edward Raiss
Chris Reynolds, Representative (chreynolds at
Cindy Spannhake

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Representative: Chris Reynolds; Alternate: Ryan Janssen
Representatives and alternates are elected from current membership at the end of a Newbies 4 Newbies working group meeting during each Internet Identity Workshop. Term length is from election until the next workshop.

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