2008 Q2 Report N4N

From IdCommons


1. Updated charter to sharpen focus of the group's mission and establish deliverables leading up to IIW2008b November 10-11.

2. Established new email-based question-and-answer resource for members of Identity Commons to pose questions and receive expert replies. This resource is suited to both new members of Identity Commons and to veterans exploring areas that are new to them. The address for "IDentity Questions 'n Answers" is idqna@idcommons.net. The resource is on track to be up and running by September 6 and will probably be up a couple days before then. Questions will be vectored to community experts for replies, and the replies will be organized into a searchable FAQ. The working name for this FAQ is Identity Mecca.

3. Developed rudimentary outline for set of web pages that will succinctly brief newcomers on fundamental identity topics, with links for deeper information. This set is due September 12.


The N4N group agreed to compose a short (perhaps 3-minute), highly engaging video to introduce viewers to the field of identity management. It is to feature short segments on hot topics in identity, usually via interviews of the principal champions of the topic from the Identity Commons Community. This idea generated much excitement at IIW2008a, and the early work on it is promising; however, overall the project is behind schedule. The plan to get back on schedule is to compose and disseminate a script for the video and to encourage members of the community to shoot short YouTube-style briefs on its key topics.


If you are an expert in an aspect of identity management and would like to join the Experts Panel for the IDentiy Questions 'n Answers resource (item 2 above), please send an email to Chris Reynolds at chreynolds [ a t ] hotplate.com with your name, field(s) of expertise, and a short (one to 10 sentence) bio. When we receive questions germane to your areas of expertise, we will send them to you for your expert opinion!


Watch this space for conference call info to refine and ratify the IDentity Q 'n A resource and the Introductory Web pages for Newcomers. We intend to launch these resources in September and to expand and promote them leading up to IIW2008b in November.