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Welcome to the Identity Media Review Group.

We are working on the ID Story Contest.

The purpose of the Identity Media Review Group is to support the Identity Commons community engaging with books, movies and other media that cover identity related topics. We do this by collecting a bibliography and by reviewing and discussing these media. We use the issues raised by these works to inform our work innovating the identity layer of the web and help us understand and address the social, psychological, legal, privacy, security, regulatory and ethical issues.

We will host discussions of the items in the Identity Bibliography both online and via podcasts.

Questions we'll try to address about each work in the bibliography include:

  • Why is this work important?
  • Is it fun to read/watch?
  • What identity and privacy themes does it explore?
  • What positions does it take on important identity and privacy questions?
  • What other work presents the most interesting contrast to this one?
  • If I like this, what else might I like?
  • If I hate this, what might I like?

Details of how we will discuss these questions and where the discussions will be archived for your enjoyment will follow on the Reviews page