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Photo Group


The photo group aims to serve as a community hub for identerati with interests in photography, as a gallery in which identity community photographers can display their work, and as a resource for people looking for photographs which illustrate aspects of identity.


The photo group solicits photos which are respectful of individual dignity.

The photo group does not publish photos of individuals who object to the publication of those photos.

Members of the photo group do not tag others in photos belonging to our photo pools; people are free (and encouraged) to tag themselves in our photos; people are especially encouraged to tag themselves in photos posted to the Identerati Portraits pool so that the wider world will know what we all look like.


The group will maintain three repositories of photos on flickr. Any group member may add photos to all three repositories.

Membership in the flickr groups housing the repositories will be managed by the photo group steward and alternate stewards, who will be made administrators of the flickr groups.

The three repositories will be

1. Photos of Identity Community Members ("Identerati Portraits" [1])

2. Photos by Identity Community Members ("Identity Commons Photo Group Member Gallery" [2])

3. Photos illustrating identity concepts, principles, problems, and solutions ("Identity Commons: The Art of Identity" [3])

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

Join the photo group by sending an email to the steward or alternate stewards indicating:

1. Desire to join the group

2. Consent to abide by the principles and practices of the group

3. Your flickr username

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Photos contributed to the group should be licensed by the photographer as Creative Commons "Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike" license.

The group prefers a share-alike license because it allows people inside and outside the community to use photos to illustrate their documents and presentations.

The group prefers a non-commercial license because identity pictures frequently depict recognizable people, and commercial use of pictures of recognizable people requires not only a license but also a model release. The photo group prefers not to become a repository of model releases, and therefore the group prefers to force discussions of commercial licenses to take place between photographers and commercial users directly rather than on the photo group forums.

The group prefers attribution licenses because we're an identity group, and we think identity should be used to give people credit for their good work.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

The first milestone will be the creation of flickr group icons.

The second milestone will be the posting of the first photo on flickr.

Current Meeting Schedule

The group has no standing meetings; all business is conducted via the web.

Current Membership


Bob Blakley

Alternate Stewards:

Dale Olds


Pamela Dingle

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Bob Blakley is the current steward of this group.

You may become an alternate steward by volunteering; send Bob an email.

Current Links

IdentityCommons Identerati Portraits:

IdentityCommons Photo Group Member Gallery:

IdentityCommons: The Art of Identity:

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