Inclusive Initiatives

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Initial Thoughts

We had a conference call Jan 22, 2008 to initiate our work.

Brainstorming for Future Work

Perhaps a next step after a call is a face to face day to brainstorm...but maybe out of the call will come other next steps. Perhaps it is some kind of brainstorming about groups/issues that need attention. We have some collective researching/exploration focus for a month....

It would be great to see if if we can find a way to identify groups and people who can show up at IIW in May and make a step towards more inclusiveness. It likely means finding people who have some technical background who will be able to climb the relatively steep ramp of learning.. (hey this is where newbies 4 newbies can help).

I think it would be great to see if we can also have some kind of seminar/symposium (some time between now and the next next IIW - 2008b) maybe even co-sponsored by a university program about cyberspace stuff. To cover some of the issues/groups etc. that we bring up. We also need to as a group track events that are/have happened in this space already - this is a pool of potential IIW participants.

Women and Identity

We're going to post links to resources relating to women's perspective on identity here.

People and Groups

Potential resources for discussions.

  • BlogHer - An active international community of women bloggers. Would likely be open to participating in our discussions on some level.

Research Studies

Scientific findings that can advise developers.

  • coming soon


Helpful references for understanding women's culture in the context of identity.

  • coming soon

Quick References for the Group

  • Formatting guide for editing media wiki: [1]