Purpose And Principles

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The following Purpose and Principles are the "core DNA" of Identity Commons as an organization. We use this term since all Identity Commons working groups agree to inherit these, i.e., each one is accomplishing a specialization of this Purpose, and each one is operating in accordance with a specialization of these Principles. See Background and see our old Wiki for more about how we got here. Feel free to leave comments or make suggestions as to how this statement of Purpose and these Principles can be further improved.


The purpose of Identity Commons is to support, facilitate, and promote the creation of an open identity layer for the Internet, one that maximizes control, convenience, and privacy for the individual while encouraging the development of healthy, interoperable communities.


  1. Self-Organization. Enable any working group to self-organize at any time, on any scale, in any form, around any activity consistent with the Purpose and Principles.
  2. Transparency. Fully and transparently disclose the Purpose and Principles of each working group, any requirement of participation, and any license or restriction of usage of its work product.
  3. Inclusion. Conduct deliberations and make decisions by bodies and methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties.
  4. Empowerment. Vest authority, perform functions, and use resources in the smallest or most local part that includes all relevant and affected parties.
  5. Collaboration. Resolve conflict without resort to economic, legal, or other duress.
  6. Openness. Conduct, publish, and archive communications in a manner that facilitates open and trusted interactions within and across all working groups and the public Internet.
  7. Dogfooding. When feasible and appropriate, employ the work product of Identity Commons working groups to facilitate the operation and interaction of Identity Commons itself.

Short Version

  1. Self-organization
  2. Transparency
  3. Inclusion
  4. Empowerment
  5. Collaboration
  6. Openness
  7. Dogfooding