Pamela Project Charter

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Pamela Project


The Pamela Project exists to information-card enable popular open source web frameworks, with the goal of allowing administrators to install rather than code information card support into their sites.


Pamela Project is a virtual organization, all development happens over instant messaging and email.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

The only requirement for participation is a willingness to create! To join, go to and join the pw-dev mailing list, or contact Pamela at:

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Existing Pamela Project code is BSD-licensed - any requests for alternate licensing should be discussed on the mailing list prior to code check in.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

See for current deliverables and milestones.

Current Meeting Schedule

No regular meetings are scheduled - check the mailing list for ongoing conversations.

Current Membership

See for a current member list

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Pamela Dingle is the current Steward - Dale Olds is the alternate.

Current Links