2008 Q3 Report Pamela Project

From IdCommons


  • We have solved the ampersand problem!
    • if the web page that triggered an information card interaction had more than one query string element, the information card transaction failed. This was never an issue for Wordpress, but has been a significant factor in the late release of the MediaWiki and Joomla plugins.
    • With the help of Rob Richards, we've fixed the problem, and this error will no longer hold us back.
  • We installed the first production version of the MediaWiki plugin at http://informationcard.net/wiki.
    • As a result we received a significant amount of feedback, and have improved the overall flow.


  • When Wordpress put out version 2.6.2 of the blogging software, PamelaWare ceased to function, as a result of changes made to the cookie structure of the framework.
    • To prevent this from happening again, developer lists for all of the plugins are monitored, and a concerted effort will be made to test pre-release versions to ensure that no surprise outages will occur when new versions become available.
    • If you update to Wordpress 2.6.2 or later, you will need to make sure you've downloaded the latest version of pamelaware from http://code.pamelaproject.com.


  • By popular request, we are in the middle of changing all of the plugins to directly trigger a selector when the purple information card icon is selected. Access to other functions such as card recovery or account registration are seperately accessed.
  • Outstanding Requests:
    • Support for HTTP (this is very high priority in the next version)
    • Context-sensitive redirect after authentication