Identity Rights Agreements Charter

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This is currently a working draft.


Identity Rights Agreements Working Group


This Working Group seeks to define a small set of legal agreements, called identity rights agreements (or data sharing agreements) that may become widely used as a simple, one-click mechanism for individuals to specify the terms under which they agree to share personally identifiable data with another party. These are often compared to Creative Commons licenses, however they also differ in several important ways.


This working group will abide by the Identity Commons Purpose And Principles. No more specific principles are planned at this time.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

There are no restrictions on participation. To join, add yourself to the list of participants below and subscribe to the list. A dedicated mailing list is planned as work gears up.

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Any work produced by this group must fall under either an OSI-certified OpenSource license, a Creative Commons license, or a trademark to be owned by Identity Commons. Part of the work of the group will be to determine the best means of stewardship for the deliverables.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

The key deliverables are:

  • A white paper explaining the key concepts of identity rights agreements and the design principles followed for the initial set.
  • A small initial set of Identity Rights Agreements, each referenceable using a persistent identifier. These agreements will focus on three areas:
  1. Type of information - Internet Contact (such as IP address, email address, IM, VoIP address), Physical Contact (Name, address, other), Financial, and Other (i.e., political, sexual);
  2. Duration of use - transactional or "one time" use, or use during a specific time period, or until the occurrence of an event such as the termination of a relationship; and
  3. Sharing - either permitted with affiliated persons or entities or prohibited entirely.
  • A matching set of user-friendly icons for usability.

Current Meeting Schedule

No regular meetings are planned at this time -- work will proceed via email, the current wiki, and telecons scheduled as needed.

Current Membership

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Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Fen Labalme is currently the primary representative. No alternate has been selected yet.

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