From IdCommons

Call Nov 6th at 11AM EDT


A reasonable plan to do Stodid for the next say 4-6 months.

  • Goals of number/frequency of shows
  • Clarity about roles etc - oh maybe we should have Scott join the call. wondering - not essential though.
    • talk about governance of the group
  • Ideas about guests - issues - topics to cover. (or more how to solicit this at IIW in a way that makes it useful/manageable and sets reasonable expectations)
  • Potentially consider the name of the podcast - maybe we have it be a "new thing" but linked to Stodid

Look at the charter and filling some of the missing parts

Ideas re:funding - short term

  • I say this is from IIW surplus.
  • Also continue to ask for $? - have the money go to a Stodid account at IC