Digital Death Charter

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Digital Death


The primary purpose is to support the community focused on issues surrounding Death in the Digital Realm.

A secondary purpose is to put forward use-cases related to death in the digital realm to the identity community and influence industry to develop norms and standards.


'Every working group 'inherits' the general principles of Identity Commons itself:

  1. Self-Organization. Enable any working group to self-organize at any time, on any scale, in any form, around any activity consistent with the Purpose and Principles.
  2. Transparency. Fully and transparently disclose the Purpose and Principles of each working group, any requirement of participation, and any license or restriction of usage of its work product.
  3. Inclusion. Conduct deliberations and make decisions by bodies and methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties.
  4. Empowerment. Vest authority, perform functions, and use resources in the smallest or most local part that includes all relevant and affected parties.
  5. Collaboration. Resolve conflict without resort to economic, legal, or other duress.
  6. Openness. Conduct, publish, and archive communications in a manner that facilitates open and trusted interactions within and across all working groups and the public Internet.
  7. Dogfooding. When feasible and appropriate, employ the work product of Identity Commons working groups to facilitate the operation and interaction of Identity Commons itself.

This section should list any additional operating principles of the working group -- IF ANY -- i.e., scope limitations, how membership will be managed, how it will be governed, how Stewards Council representatives are chosen, when its work will be considered complete, etc.


We have a community mailing list, blog and host events.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

Anyone interested in Digital Death is welcome.

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

We work under a creative commons with attribution license.

Current Deliverables and Milestones


Current Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings TBD

Digital Death Day North America - May 6, 2011

Digital Death Day Europe - TBD

Current Membership

  • Stacey Pitsillides
  • Pierre Wolff
  • Nate Lustig
  • Jeremy Toeman
  • Evan Carroll
  • John Romano
  • Esther Makaay (Europe)
  • Tamara van Witzenburg (Europe)
  • Victoria Tayler (Europe)
  • Jonathan Good
  • Kaliya Hamlin

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Vered Shabit
  • Stacey Pitsillides (Alternate)

Current Links



Related Groups

List any Identity Commons working group – or any other industry groups – whose work is closely related to the work of this group.


This is where the group can share about how/why the group was founded and where will be where quarterly reports will be linked to.