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I-Broker Commons Working Group


The purpose of this working group is to help i-brokers collaborate together to establish tools, policies, procedures, test suites, and best practices to grow their industry, interoperate among each other, and best serve their customers. I-Broker Commons is protocol independent. It applies to i-brokers using the OASIS XRI and XDI protocols, the OpenID protocols, the CardSpace and WS-* protocols, the Liberty Alliance and SAML protocols, or other identity protocols and services. It applies to XDI.org-Accredited I-Brokers as well as i-brokers that may be members of or forming other trade and certification organizations.


This working group will function according to the Identity Commons Principles (see Purpose And Principles).


How does the working group go about doing its work together?


  • a group that hosts event that it charges money for to cover costs might have a practice that 15% of money it earns in doing those events goes to general operating funds for Identity Commons.
  • A group might state that all its meeting notes must be publically published.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

Membership in this working group is open to any i-broker, i-service provider, or any individual or organization that wants to collaborate to grow the i-brokering industry. To join, just add your name and OpenID-verifiable identifier to the member section below. The working group will be organized informally to start but may choose to create a formal organization depending on activities.

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Most work products will be open, public, royalty-free documents or specifications published under either the XDI.org license or an appropriate Creative Commons license. Any open source code or test suites will be published under one or more open source licenses, including at least the Apache license. The work group may elect to offer certifications, use of logos, and other benefits only to members of the working group. The work group will clearly define and communicate which work products are which.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

  • XDI.org I-Service Interoperation Tests.
  • XDI.org i-name transfer process and UI between XDI.org accredited i-brokers.

Current Meeting Schedule

There is not presently a regular meeting schedule. Discussion takes place directly among working group members. A mailing list is planned as soon as Identity Commons offers this facility. Telecons or face-to-face meetings will be announced via this list.

Current Membership

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Representative: Owen Davis
  • Alternate: Victor Grey

Current Links


Approved by Stewards Council vote on February 8, 2008.