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Currently a parking lot for straightening out the Working Groups list. There's a proposal on the table to rename Working Groups to "Action Groups," so this may become the main page for these groups.

About Working Groups

Working groups are the fundamental organizational unit of Identity Commons -- see Organizational Structure.

Working Groups must have a charter that is consistent with our Purpose And Principles, and it must appoint a Steward. The Steward serves as the Working Group's representative on the Stewards Council and has a vote on organizational-wide issues, including approving of new Working Groups. Working Groups are welcome to appoint one alternative to serve on the Stewards Council when the main Steward is not available to vote.

An individual may be appointed the Steward of multiple WorkingGroups; however, the individual will only get one vote.

Active Groups

The following is a list of active groups. Click on the charter pages for a general description, or go directly to the working group's own home page (often an external website).

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
Community, Events and Advocacy
Identity Gang Identity Gang Charter Identity Gang
Internet Identity Workshop Internet Identity Workshop Charter
OSIS OSIS Charter OSIS now on
OpenID OpenID Charter
Identity Schemas Identity Schemas Charter Identity Schemas
Higgins Project Higgins Project Charter
SAML Commons SAML Commons Charter
XDI Commons XDI Commons Charter
Social Agreements, Policy
Identity Rights Agreements Identity Rights Agreements Charter Identity Rights Agreements XDI Org Charter
I-Broker Commons Ibroker Commons Charter
Identity Futures Group IdFutures Charter Identity Futures
Identity Media Review Group IdMedia Charter IdMedia
VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) VRM Charter
Identity Commons Operations
Identity Commons Collaborative Tools IC Collaborative Tools Charter IC Collaborative Tools

In Progress

NEXT UP for Vote

These groups are formed and waiting for discussion and a vote.

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
Newbies4Newbies Newbies4Newbies Charter Newbies4Newbies
Enterprise Positioning Enterprise Positioning Charter Enterprise Positioning
Enterprise Identity Architects Group Enterprise Identity Architects Charter Enterprise Identity Architects
Identity Commons Evangelism & Marketing IC Evangelism & Marketing Charter IC Evangelism & Marketing
Inclusive Initiatives Inclusive Initiatives Charter Inclusive Initiatives
Pamela Project Pamela Project Charter
Bandit Project Bandit Project Charter
Identity & Trust Identity Trust Charter

Under Development

The following groups are ideas that people have for groups they are not ready for a vote:

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
Owen Davis Award Owen Davis Award Charter Owen Davis Award
Photo Group Photo Group Charter Photo Group
Data Sharing DataSharing Charter
Usability of Identity Systems Usability Charter User-Centric Usability

Inactive Groups

The following is a list of working groups that are no longer active.

Working Group Charter Page Home Page Steward
EUCLId EuclidCharter Merged into the Identity & Trust WG
Standards Gang Standards Gang Charter
I-Tags Itags Charter I-Tags was merged into the XDI Commons WG
I-Broker Interoperation Ibroker Interoperation Charter Was merged into the I-Broker Commons WG
XRI Registration Privacy XRI Registration Privacy Charter Was merged into the I-Broker Commons WG



IdentityCommons WorkingGroups have access to shared resources. Initially, these resources consist of:

  • A project page on the IdentityCommons web site
  • Mailing list hosting on the IdentityCommons server.

Quarterly Reports