Stewards Council Telecon: 2007 November 28

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  • Review status of websites and action from last call
    • Fen status of OpenID on media wikis
    • Fen status of Logo going on new iiw wiki
    • OpenID on Drupal
    • Kaliya needs information on how to 'pick a theme' perhaps we have some options by this call
    • Fen what is the status on getting Virtualization done so that Paul can be an admin too.
    • Review of current version of proposed static website (to be put into drupal site)
  • New Working Groups - what ones are up for approval
    • Questions other stewards have for those putting them forward
    • next steps having them approved.
  • New Issues
    • How does one get a mailing list started?
      • what is the best way to contact FEN to have action on something?
    • Getting some templates into this wiki (Working Group Charters).
    • Getting a mediawiki infocards plugin completed and installed


Working Groups

There was some confusion over the process of declaring what proposed Working Groups were up for vote. Eugene had thought he had asked people to drop an email to the mailing list, but he hadn't. Also, Recent Changes on the old Wiki wasn't showing all of the Working Groups that had been modified. So we did an exhaustive review and uncovered the following.

Proposed groups:

Proposed Rename:

Eugene will start the voting period this week.

Wiki Best Practices

One of the best practices we want to encourage has to do with Working Groups and Wikis. If a community is already active and has their own infrastructure, they should continue to use it. At minimum, they can have a page on this Wiki linking to their own infrastructure; at maximum, we can do a DNS redirect. If a working group is just getting started, they should use this Wiki. If they become active enough to merit their own Wiki, we'll create one for them.

Kaliya has already moved much of the old Identity Gang Wiki over to this one. Paul asked that we redirect the URLs, which Eugene will help with.

New Wiki and Website

Fen announced that OpenID is now working on the new MediaWiki installations. Paul noted that a new plugin that also supports CardSpace is in the works.

The new website is running Drupal Beta 2, which Fen will upgrade to Drupal Beta 3. OpenID is working there as well.

Fen has asked his sysadmin to move our site over to another virtualized site, which will allow us to open it up to other volunteers in the community for administration. It will happen when it happens.

We need to move content from the old to the new this week so that we're ready for IIW. Fen will redirect the domains accordingly.