General IdCommons Action Items

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This list was started based on a conversation between Eugene, Kaliya and MaryR on 3/18 and is a place holder to track open/proposed tasks and activities


Improving infrastucture is top priority - Goal is to have website and infrastructure set up by IIW

  • Identify and investigate (evaluate quality and cost) of services that specialize in outsourced operations for non-profits. (Accounting, IT, etc.)
  • Follow-up with Fen to see if he has fully connected with Stas about providing sys admin support courtesy of Parity (Eugene)
  • Investigate using Mailman mailing lists and getting it openid enabled (also i-card enabled) (Eugene to follow-up with Phil)
  • Continue wiki moving work

Holding Space and Brand

  • Consider moving identity-gang mailing list to IdCommons branded mailing list once it is available. (Need to consider trade off brand vs. potential disruption on list.)
  • Logos for community participants to put on their websites. Five to start - Member idCommoms, member of Identity Gang, etc.
  • Need to have online resources that projects can leverage so that we can make this a selling point for a group to come to IdCommons
  • Create a Community Outreach and Development Plan (Evangelism that should be done if we can raise the $$$)
  • Get existing community members (the next ring of people) up to speed on the current state of IC.
  • Identify community members who want to be mentors to new/emerging working groups.
  • Create new working group kit (step by step clear outline) (This will reduce burden of getting new groups on-board and encourage new groups to come on-board)
    • Existing autonomous organization
    • Subgroup, or committee, or project of an autonomous organization
    • Groups of people who want to form community groups of IC but have no formal affiliation.
  • Website
  • Need to fix the working group list on the wiki and correct statuses as errors were introduced during a previous round of edits. (Eugene knows correct content.) Action Groups
  • Institute a practice for spending $$ (Short and Long term) Budget Process
  • Identify and budget for outsourcing
  • Institute a procedure under which money can be given to IdCommons for use by a specific group. (So that there doesn't have to be a stewards vote to disburse the $$)
  • Create outreach plan - Identify candidates like Doc Searls.


  • Have quarterly reports be done directly on wiki.


  • IIW 2008A sponsor solicitations have already been sent out.
  • Review current budget and draft proposed "ideal" budget based on incremental funding (Needed for discussions with potential incremental sponsors.)
  • Create interim (pre June) fundraising actions list
  • Create IIW 2008B synchronized fundraising plan