Community Outreach and Development Plan

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The Community Outreach and Development Plan is an ongoing list of things that could be done to evangelize the IdCommons goals and to build the IdCommons community and brand.

This wiki page is a place to collect and prioritize activities in this area. Some of these items will trigger inputs to the budget.

There is a growing sense that there are too many internet identity organizations - we need to let the world know that IdCommons is pulling them together and facilitating coordination.

IC Community Events

    • IIW 2008a
    • DataSharing Summit
    • DataSharing Workshops
    • VRM mtgs

Events where IdCommons has a presence These events simply need to have existing community members supported in sharing more about the work of IC like having some post cards to hand out possibly slides to include in presentations etc.

  • 2008
    • Concordia mtgs
    • Catalyst
    • OSCON ?
    • Appropriate Liberty events
    • DIDW
    • IIW 2008b
    • ITU-T meetings
    • IDTrust
    • NIST Meetings
    • Identity ACM thing in October
    • Web 2.0 Summit and Expo
    • (feel Free to add more here)
  • 2009
    • EIC 2009
    • That DC event Drummond and Tony spoke at

Neighboring Technical Communities Theses are places where we should be - outreaching to proactively (as in sending a person there to evangelize/raise awareness), we should consider presenting at about our work. In the early days of the Identity Community - going to events where people who might be interested or doing work in this area was how Kaliya and other build the community - it is important to support this ongoing work to not be an insular group but bring new ideas and energy into the mix to address these critical issues.

    • Datalinking in New York
    • Semantic web events
    • iCommons event (this summer in Japan)
    • WCC events (Tom is only connection)
    • Harvard events
    • Standford events
    • IETF
    • ICANN
    • (Feel free to add more here)

Resources for the Community That need developing.

  • Working Groups
    • New Working group Kit - for formation/joining - support orientation for new groups -this is key to avoid fragmentation of and duplication of effort
    • Mentor program
  • Brand outreach - Getting working groups to consistently use the IdCommons name/logo in their marketing materials and press
  • Newbies 4 Newbies Community Group
    • Are actively working on the Sarting Points Page which can use some feedback
    • Looking for long time community members who want to be 'friendlies' (A lighter weight version of being a mentor)
    • Thinking about other ways to support new people's introduction to the community and subject perhaps via a video.

Brand Building Tools

  • Handouts for events
  • Banners for events

Analyst outreach

  • Burton Group - keep informed
  • Gartner - educate
  • Forrester - educate

Other outreach

  • Goverments
  • iCommons
  • ITU-T