ID-Legal 3-5-09

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ID Legal Teleconference

Date: March 5, 2009

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Update on the ID-Legal spring 2009 event - size limits and potential invitees - draft budget
  2. Reconstruction of 2-19-09 minutes - please help! [[1]]
  3. Brainstorm the Legal and Policy invitees list for the spring "Mapping the Gap" workshop.


  • Lucy Lynch (chair)
  • J. Trent Adams (scribe)
  • Mary Ruddy
  • Judi Clark
  • Scott David
  • Bob Blakeley
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Dan Perry

ID Legal Event Update:

  • April 13th & 14th for initial small workshop to “map the gaps” between technology and policy
  • Plan is to have the participants as invitation only
  • Move event to the fall
  • ISOC will sponsor meeting in DC area, within Metro distance
  • ISOC will also provide opportunities for participation sponsorship
  • Aiming for approximately 25 people
  • Explore areas where there are known gaps between tech and policy
  • Scott offered space for up to 30 participants at his offices in DC
  • Judi suggested potential for space at theater where [Freedom to Connect] is being held

Minutes from last meeting:

Crafting the Invitees List

  • Suggested to make a list of technologies and legal issues to use as the lenses
  • Goal is to find people who represent each of the technologies
  • Suggestion to ensure some consideration for non-US participants
  • Ensure that technologists who can interact effectively with lawyers
  • Consider covering not just technologies, but areas of coverage (eg. Biometric, surveillance, etc.)
  • Discussion around the need to avoid specific attribution by participants.
  • Related issue to structuring talk so lawyers aren't asked to speak to specific cases, but giving general answers.
  • Need to ensure a balanced view of “policy” views from technologists to avoid initial schism
  • Suggestion to reach out to Prime and STORK in Europe as they're gaining traction.
  • Discussion about a teleconference bridge to increase participation.
    • Concerns around stifling participation in case they're concerned about “who's not in the room”
    • Suggestion that first meeting is for community formation that might be disrupted by teleconference.
    • Explore possibility for teleconference augmentation at future events (eg. Streaming, SecondLife, etc.)
  • Explore possibility of bringing in policy experts from the Shibboleth communities.
  • Discussed need to flesh out the list of potential policy participants

Discussion of the Event Itself

  • Possibly set up a side meeting (next week?) around a rough process for the event.
  • Support for the definitional tagline for the event: “Mapping the Gap”
  • A successful event would be if it generates a list of Questions to Ask that could map the gap between technologists and policy makers. Follow on event could tackle answering them.
  • Suggestion that the participants bring

Action Items:

  • Circulate list of potential candidates to list, participants should map them to the topic areas on the wiki to ensure sufficient coverage
  • Scott, Kaliya, Lucy to have a call on the event process itself.
  • Target Monday, March 9th for sending invitations, need to nail down list prior to that.