2008 Q2 Report OSIS

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I3 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2008

RSA Conference, San Francisco CA, April 7-11 2008

During the third OSIS Interop (I3), participants worked from late 2007 through RSA in April 2008 to test their solutions against each other and to test features of their implementations, with the goal of demonstrating interoperability both between OpenID and Information Card Systems and helping implementers improve their implementations. The Interop testing was performed online via public endpoints on the Internet, most of which remain up for ongoing interop testing.

I3a User-Centric Identity Interop at the 2nd European Identity Conference 2008 in Munich

I3a took place at the European Identity Conference 2008, April 22-25, 2008. This event brought the results obtained in the I3 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2008 to the conference attendees and built upon them.


  • I3: Two large events held at RSA 2008 in San Francisco and at EIC 2008 in Munich.
  • Information Card Interoperability between multiple selectors, identity providers, and relying party sites
  • OpenID Interoperability between Open ID providers, issued Open IDs, and relying sites.
  • I3 Interoperability Test matrix - Pamela Dingle created an automated table generator that accelerated recording results and creating multiple table views.
  • I3 Feature test cases with success/failure metrics, exception handling, and user features
  • I3 handouts and banners were created.
  • I3 Overview
  • RSA 2008: OSIS secured a large room at RSA, and held two days of interoperability tests. There were 33 companies and 24 projects represented with over 1200 interoperability tests completed. During the two days, RSA attendees were able to meet with developers 1:1, as well as get an overview of the state of user-centric identity management. An introductory video was created for orientation.
  • Tests covered both the key interoperability requirements from several sources including I1 and I2 Higgins Project tests and Microsoft ISIP tests.

Issues and Resolutions

  • It was immediately obvious to Identity Specialists that there were multiple interoperability/workshops at RSA, which gave an overtone confusion from mixed messages. At a summit meeting held with Roger Sullivan of the Liberty Alliance, Bill Washburn of the OpenID Foundation, Paul Trevithick and Mary Ruddy of the Higgins Project, Dale Olds, Charles Andres, and Mike Jones representing OSIS, there was consensus that at future industry events, coordination between organizations ahead of time would help insure consistent unifying marketing messages for the established standards and emerging technologies.
  • Funding for such a large complicated event required much coordination, but in the end, the following companies participated in sponsoring the event: Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Parity Communications, Versign, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, TrustBearer, Computer Associates, and ooTao.


  • 2009 Interops to be held with advance communication and collaboration with Information Card Foundation, OpenID Foundation, Concordia, Liberty Alliance, and other groups concerned with data portabilty, open web, where identity management systems are an essential part of the underlying infrastructure.


I4: The next interop event: Digital ID World (DIDW) Conference, September 8-10, 2008, Anaheim, CA,