2008 Q1 Report IC Evangelism & Marketing

From IdCommons


After discussing the need during the January Stewards Council Conference Call, a new core working group (parallel to IC Collaborative Tools) to help in the evangelism and marketing of Identity Commons as a whole was formed. A charter was proposed, with the purpose to "Provide content that will help Identity Commons, its member groups, and individuals more effectively communicate the goals, principles, and messages of Identity Commons. Assist in any evangelism efforts to bring appropriate working groups and individuals to become Identity Commons members."

The primary point of collaboration for this group will be the IC Evangelism & Marketing wiki page. We have taken as our first task to better address a values statement for Identity Commons, as this will be a starting point for future efforts.


There are only two active members, are we looking for others who would like to contribute energy to this effort particularly those who have marketing expertise.

Christopher put a request out to the list asking for stories of "why" people originally joined Identity Commons, which we've gotten very few responses.


We have a number of very rough drafts for the values statement, which we need to collapse into one final version. If you are a good wordsmith, we could use your help. We also want to make sure that it accurately reflects the values of the broad Identity Commons community, so if something doesn't ring true to you, let us know.


As of the April Stewards Council Conference Call, we have asked to become an official Identity Commons Working Group, with Christopher Allen as the initial representative to the Stewards Council.