Talk:Privacy Green Paper Response

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I don't think you need to ome up with the painful examples of " The steps involved in getting data out of services are tedious and onerous. <Several real examples of tedious multi-step processes.:>" For the readers here, simply assert the steps are tedious and onerous.

With these three examples, i would keep it to simple assertions of the problems as you have done with the first:

1. Where export is available it is often not machine readable. Export involving steps must be manually repeated monthly as statements are issued.

I would restate

2. Simple Internet Open Standards like OAuth allow for account linking without the dangerous practice of giving a username and password to various service providers. Instead, and OAuth token is issued, and username and PW are passed only to the issuing party.


2. when another company wants to help you derive value from your data, such as a program to determine from your calling patterns what cell phone service would be best for you, you must often reveal your account credentials to this third party, creating a risk of abuse.

And restate

3. Portability of data is also import where a business fails and people need to move it to an alternative and hopefully more viable provider.


3. When data is not portable, it is challenging to move from one service to another, particularly when a service might from a failing company, or one that no longer wishes to serve a particular market.