Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 March 5

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  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Christopher Allen
  • Fen Labalme
  • Peter Metrulas
  • Dale Olds
  • Peter Davis
  • Dan Perry
  • Mary Ruddy
  • Bob Snodgrass
  • Mark Lizar
  • Drummond Reed
  • Brett McDowell


  • Marketing and Evangelism Group did some work articulating the values of IC based on the current purpose, principles, values and culture. The goal is to make the core of what we believe in more accessible. We are looking for feedback - ideas on how to further refine this rough first cut.
  • Budget moving forward for 1/2 quarter (next action to do this).
  • New groups joining the telecon - a hello from their stewards.
    • Marketing and evenalism Group?
    • Enterprise Positioning
    • Photo Group
  • Timing for next IC Quarterly report - agreement on deadlines.


Item 1 - Marketing & Evangelism Group

  • Should it be offered as an official Working Group?
  • Need to recruit more people - Kaliya and Chris only current members

Item 2 - Budget

  • Mary Ruddy to engage Kaliya, Eugene and Dan further - possibly in-person

in mid-March when she is in Bay area

Item 3 - IIW UPdates

  • May 12 to May 14
  • Design Team - Chris can help only prior to /15, Peter also volunteered
  • Sponsorship requests -any ideas?
  • IIW2008A - Professional categories - need help filling out invitations
  • Need to put at least one paragraph as to why they should be interested

Item 4 - DataSharing Summit - May 15 following IIW

  • Produced by Kaliya and Laurie Rae
  • First part will will held as a workshop on April 18 and 19
  • Chris Allen suggested folks also look at

Item 5 - Marketing & Evangelism - Rough Cut Values

  • Values a good start
  • Perhaps a copy writer can fine tune
  • Social networking issues - Personal ID versus Group ID / likes or dislikes

Individual Control - is there a logical bonding of individual/group privacy attributes?

  • Use hashed attributes to search over group preferences
  • Chris sent an email out asking why you joined IDC - so answer it, already.

Item 6 - First Quarter 2008 Reports

  • Debate posting on Wiki vs completion by Kaliya

Item 7 - IDC website report - Bob Snodgrass

  • Drupal site to be a jumping off point to educate the community
  • Google Groups registration unnecessarily difficult
  • Will have a Marketing and Evangelism call before the next Stewards Call

Item 8 - Next Stewards Call is April 3

Item 9 - Budget for limited funds

Item 10 - New WG

Final thought - Paul Madsen said at IIW that he was planning on posting his text summary of the creation of the ID metaspace

Next Call

Next Stewards Call is April 3