Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 July 2

From IdCommons

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783


  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Mary Ruddy
  • Judi
  • Chris Allen
  • Fen Labalme
  • Bob Blakley
  • Pat Reilly
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Marty S.
  • Jeff Hodges
  • Dale Olds
  • Drummond Reed
  • Mark Lazar
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Dean Landsman
  • Bill Washburn
  • Brett M.


Community and Action Groups

  1. Current vote
    1. Dissolving the Standards, Identity Mashups and Collaboration working groups.
    2. Adding the proposed groups (that are ready for the vote.)
    3. Changing Working Groups to Action Groups.
  2. Things for next vote
    1. Approve budget proposal from Chris.
    2. Elect new Stewards Chair.
  3. Subsequent votes
    1. When will more working groups be ready for the vote? How often should these votes be scheduled?
  4. NEW GROUP Welcome + Updates
    1. I-Card Foundation
    2. ID-Legal
    3. "Kids Online" group may form to do an event post IIW
    4. VRM Workshop upcoming, July 14-15 at Harvard
    5. IIW planning/design group forming (input needed)
  5. Policy and Practice Questions
    1. Process for updating charters /notifying of charter changes
    2. Media Contact points - we need this - who is it? how does it work?

Updates from Last Call

Static Website

(Evangelism & Marketing)

  1. Started process of updating and publishing content before ICF press attention.
  2. Need to continue to update and reformat based on feedback. Thanks for feedback, keep it coming.
  3. Need to revise the other content that is not yet back up on the site.
  4. Have ecosystem picture professionally redrawn after the next vote.

IT Infrastructure

  1. Electric Embers hosting status update (in time for use by new groups and email forwarding cutover). (Mary to follow up with Identity Gang stewards about moving the Identity Gang mailing list over to open list with IC mail address after have new service in place.)

Other Community Processes (from informal Stewards meeting at IIW)

Brief Updates

  1. Status of Chris R's proposal for spending money (and the vetting of that proposal) (in process coming this month)
  2. Best practices for IPR – there is an opportunity to put forward an option for best practices. (who owns this?)
  3. Next steps for formalizing mentoring new groups. Kaliya to provide best practices. Eugene and Mary have volunteered to help. Can we put this in a wiki? (no action forwarded to this coming month)
  4. Status of hiring outsourced non-profit services provider inquiries (Mary is working on this)


There has been an ongoing discussion about the desirability for the community to provide more services to action groups. Services Brainstorm. We propose to brainstorm some on this call & talk about highest priorities.

We propose an Operations Group to focus on getting core IC functionality working more smoothly and potentially bringing up some of the high priority services coming out of the Brainstorm. We see meeting weekly for the 8 weeks.

We need volunteers.

Proposed Meeting

For all who care/can be there morning of the 16th Identity Commons meeting following VRM Workshop at Harvard. Who is going - who can make it? We could also have a dial in. 07-16-08 F2F Meeting

Short Summary

SUMMARY in reverse order.


Please fill yours out either in the template provided or your own descriptive prose

Proposed Face to Face Meeting

If you are coming to the VRM meeting in Boston we are talking about having an IC meeting face to face in Boston on July 16th in the morning. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS. this is informal and like the meetings at IIW can be helpful in accelerating things but it is not an 'official meeting' all potential decisions will be put onto the list. Please add your name here if you can make it. It is open to anyone in the community not just stewards.

Operations/Infrastructure Action Group - getting stuff done for IC

We are forming a operations/infrastructure action group to meet weekly over the next month to really focus on getting things done and improving things so working/action groups get support for their efforts and we can begin to really reach out to other related groups/communities.

So far members of this group include Kaliya Hamlin, Mary Ruddy, Paul Trevithick, Eugene Kim, Bill Washburn, Bob Blakley, Patrick Reilly.

We are planning to meet weekly via phone for the next week to focus on really getting things humming. If you are interested in being actively involved or just willing to be tapped to help out let us know. We are meeting today at 12 PDT to lay out the plan for the month and set our goals for the following week. It will be the same call line we are on this morning.


We began this conversation on the call about services that could/should be offered (if appropriately resourced) This list was put forward by Kaliya also there is a list form a white boarding session at Berkman related to VRM that Doc has a picture of (we need to track that down)

Brett from this heard 5 top level categories (Staffing, IT, Accounting, Events - not sure what the 5th was needs editing clarity in notes) clearly this is an area for more dialogue to figure out. We can continue this on the list too.

Governance was raised Bob highlighted there was 3 different forms

  • Financial - that should be kept at a high level
  • IPR
  • Decision making

potentially for both IPR and Decision making could have a range of options that were easily adoptable.


  • Chris R is still working on Budget proposal for how things should work with small items
  • Patrick Reilly with Kaliya's help is collecting IPR best practices from other groups
  • Kaliya, Mary and Eugene are going to work on some best practices for mentoring new groups into the community
  • Mary is working on outsource nonprofit service provider options for the organization
  • Eugene is working with Dan on getting paypal set up so we can pay for Electric Embers hosting
  • Static Website still needs more attention and improvement
    • need to figure out how to have a diagram of our community that is understandable and clickable
  • Eugene is holding three votes
  1. Dissolving the Standards, Identity Mashups and Collaboration working groups.
  2. Adding the proposed groups (that are ready for the vote.)
  3. Changing Working Groups to Action Groups.
  • Next round of voting will be for
  1. Elect new Stewards Chair
  2. Adding proposed working groups

New group welcome and updates

1. I-Card Foundation


2. ID-Legal Community Collaboration group forming - mailing list just got created so you should be able to join in-

3. "Kids Online" group may form to do an event post IIW (If you want to help make this happen let me know) this is very nacent Kaliya is working on it with Danese Tayloe from Privo and Bob Blakley from the Burton group - let us know if you want to be involved.

4. VRM Workshop upcoming, July 14-15 at Harvard - It will be using an IIW like model for agenda creation

5. IIW planning/design group forming (If you want to be a part of this let Kaliya know)

6. New credit card group was started at IIW. 16 people were interested. Group needs to be formalized.

Policy and Practice Questions for consideration

1. Process for updating charters /notifying of charter changes This was talked about - likely should come up for vote.

2. Media Contact points - we need this - who is it? how does it work?

 Yes we should do this -> Kaliya and Mary are nominated to be the lead contacts with a phone tree to address deadline issues reporters have.

Long Meeting Notes

  • Eugene will get the vote out today. Got OK to dissolve the inactive working groups.
  • A new legal group came out of IIW. Had second call on July 1st. Are developing an outline for goals for why the organization is being created and for a conference. There is a wiki page that can be googled. Wants to cross pollinate between legally trained folks and technically trained folks.
  • Following IIW in November there will be a kids online day with Denise from Privo. Bob had a great idea: if we are going to have something about kids on line, we should bring them along.
  • VRM workshop in two weeks in Boston. Chris R will be there and offered to take notes.
  • Kaliya is starting up a planning design group. She will talk about it on the list.
  • The marketing and evangelism charter is up for vote in the next vote.
  • Chris R. - A credit card group was started informally in May at IIW2008a and will be made into a formal group under the rules. We promised 16 people at that meeting that we will do this, and I want them to know that we are following through. We do not intend for the group to remain “informal” in any listless or maverick sense.
  • Policy and practice questions:
  • Kaliya - good to think about over the next month. Not urgent. but should think about it. One of the challenges Eugene had about contacting different groups is getting people to use the community list so that people know about wiki changes. So need to do it on the list and ultimately need to put it to a vote, but the big thing is that people need to be on the community list and engage people, It isn't enough just to putinformation on the wiki.
  • Bob - I tried to join the list again today.. Can anyone confirm that?
  • Eugene - in terms of IT stuff, Dan needs to check with his accountant, then he can set up a PayPal account. Then we can use it to pay for Electronic Embers. The goal is to migrate all the mailing lists over.
  • Media Contact:
  • Chris Reynolds -Can we just start talking and nominating? Mary and Kaliya.
  • Eugene - I'm happy to have any Steward talk to the press.
  • Kaliya - We need a way for the press to knock on our door. Have an
  • Chris - I move that Kaliya and Mary be prime contacts.
  • Dale - This is dale It is a natural role for stewards to talk. Agree about Mary and Kaliya.
  • Bob - It is important to be aware that press people are on deadline. You can only satisfice. Need someone who can get back to the, So the best thing might be a call tree.
  • Mary - We need contact information for all the Stewards
  • Kaliya - I asked board already for contact info.
  • Static Website:
  • Mary - Next topic is the website update. We did a mini update before the Information Card launch. Their press release mentioned Identity Commons.
  • ?? I have a question about the ecosystem picture. They always change and never reflect reality... Is there a way to make it more dynamic?
  • Kaliya - It is good to have a non text representation for people who learn through images.
  • Judi - I would like to make it clickable.
  • Kaliya - We will put together a group to work on this.
  • Eugene - We should set up a group and provide time to voice input.

  • Budget planning update:
  • Chris R. - Offered to contact other charities for best practices. Got conflicting data hopes to resolve after the holidays. He hopes to have the group agree on a short list of rules. The ball is still in my court.
  • Intellectual Property Rights:
  • Bob - Best practices depend on objective. Need to have a lawyer involved in team.
  • Drummond - Currently each working group has to publish and be transparent about its IPR. As more groups are forming, we want to perform more guidance. Need lawyers and persons who have worked on these issues.
  • Bob - Could ask OASIS. They started with a similar process of just declaring, and over time move to provide more guidance. We could check with Berkman. Lauren Gelman at CIS at Stanford.
  • Bob - It depends on your membership. IBM and Sun have different ideas of what is risky.
  • Brett - What about recognized IPR, just document the IPR policies currently used, and not invite a new process
  • Bob - Good idea
  • Kaliya - That was the intent. Recognized vs. bes practices.
  • Kaliya - Action item is about who owns this.
  • Drummond - Some of the lighter weight groups just copied the template text from other groups
  • Bob - I will sent a list of groups who's practices might be harvested.
  • Pat - I volunteer
  • Great
  • Dean - I'm doing similar work in an unrelated area. If you send a note out. I will help.
  • ?? - May also help to have translations for non attorneys.
  • Chris Reynolds - it would be very useful to have tag lines that are quick executive summaries for some of these things. This is a deliverables for Newbies for Newbies. So email him terms and concepts.
  • Judi - Identity is one of these.
  • Mary - Lexicon - I will send you a link.
  • Dale - Also read OECD paper that many of us authored
  • Kaliya - We need portals for Newbees to collect this stuff
  • Services list - discussion of finding the list.
  • Brett Services could be grouped into 5 top level categories:
  • Staffing (Project Moderation/Policy)
    • Governance (could come from an umbrella)
    • IT
    • Accounting
    • Events
  • Creating rules for WG's taking in $$ is part of this.
  • Bob - Governance works best when it falls out of the group. Some need light weight, some need heavy weight.
  • Data Portability doesn't have a government structure yet, but has a structure that appears to be very complex.
  • ?? - There is a "loose-tight" requirement for what ID Commons does. That is what is desirable.

So lets keep it supportive, simple and allow the Stewards know that is going on.

  • Bob - Accounting should be a service, we don't want to push it down.
  • ?? - I'm hearing a subtext that there shouldn't be governance for the sake of governance
  • Chris R - I'm against governance for the sake of governance. The Identity community has sometimes had a reputation as too much talk not enough action.
  • DP person - All they were tying to do is be able to make decisions and have it be official. Two months later they still don't have a framework.
  • Bob - This is why people use Robert's rules.
  • Bob - There are financial, IP and decision making governance. I don't see why WG's wouldn't use Robert's rules.
  • Chris A - I need to drop off.
  • Judi - Perhaps we can take a look at existing orgs and learn from them. CPSR for example. One of the most complex issues is that each member orgs has its own finances. When one of those groups end, how does the core group reclaims that $$.
  • Kaliya - What if the existing groups are using something different
  • Bob - If an existing group has a process that is working, it can continue to use it.

?? - If each working group has different processes, that can be difficult to learn.

  • Chris R: ??
  • Bob - This discussion will not be concluded in this call. Need to write this down so it can be discussed
  • Mary - Yes.
  • Kaliya - I have an extensive network - a lot of work is about transcending formalism of Robert's roles, like using open space. Using this where appropriate and traditional where appropriate
  • Judi - Can we have modular options
  • Bob - It sounds like that is necessary.
  • Kaliya - Hopefully the list is short.
  • ?? - Where is newbies?
  • Kaliya - It is in the list of new working groups.
  • Mary - End of action items

-end (out of time)