Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 December 3

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 December 3 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST From IdCommons Jump to: navigation, search

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783



  • Mary Ruddy
  • Dean Landsman
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Nick Givotovsky
  • joi
  • Eugene Kim
  • Mike Kirkwood
  • Dale Olds
  • Drummond Reed
  • Dan Perry
  • Judi


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes
  • Status update reports - 1 minute from each project.
  • Updates on action items from last call

New Items

  1. Stewards education on responsibilities and review
  2. IIW mini survey results
  • Data from Survey
  • What do you think Identity Commons should focus on in the next 12 months to foster the advancement of an identity layer for the internet between IIW’s?
  • Percent - number of responses
  • More Tools to support working groups do their work 24.0% 6
  • Improve communication between groups 44.0% 11
  • Joint publicity initiatives that cross projects 52.0% 13
  • Raise the profile of activity in the identity community (more PR -> more press coverage) 52.0% 13
  • More in-person meetings 20.0% 5
  1. System items
    1. Moving the IC server to better hardware
    2. New wiki for Kids Online
    3. Information card enabling ICF wiki's and website
  2. New groups planning conferences
  3. Frequency of quarterly reports, budget item for compiling reports


Mary Ruddy chaired meeting. Started at 9:15PT

Review reports from Groups

IIW was a great success (Kaliya reports - in absense)

- Notes have been compiled by Kaliya (great job), have been posted

- Winter Event being worked on by Kaliya and Phil [1] and [2]

Kids Online (Joi reported)

- Another conference in DC next week that several will join

- Next a PodCast, Blog, Conference Call being setup to fill-in gaps

Newbie for Newbies Group (Chris Reynolds)

Setting up QA email space (place to route questions). Purposes for this:

1) Place to ask questions

2) Organic glossary

3) Resource for veterans, e.g. working on new terminology

Considering updating the naming and message for this group that it is more of a "refresh" of information flow for all, including new people.

Digital ID (Notetaker: May have missed name of this one)

- Could be useful to folks in Digital Identity thinkers and implementers

- Group is moving forward with mailing list, meetings, details being shared

OSIS (Dale)

- Working to integrate processes with IDCommons

- OSIS group had good sessions at IIW

ID Schemas (Paul Trevlick)

- iCard work is referencing work in ID Schemas, looking at how to tie in Claims between two functions

Photo (Bob Blakely) is out

XDI (Drummond)

- Good work continuing, much of it is in OASIS technical committee and within Higgins

- Expect more integration work and discussion around XDI 3

Electronic Embers Voting Project (thanks for Eugene)

- Switched over to new email service. Can now create new mailings lists quickly. Action item: Validate Stewards List. Action Item: Move IdentityGang list over to IDCommons group.

- Some discussion on how to gracefully transition, remind folks about group. Community list should be

- Note: IDWorkshop archives aren't not open today and will remain closed, new stuff will follow new policy, but older stuff will remain in state it was (non public archive)

Finance Funding

Thanks for working groups for contributing towards the general overhead of IDCommons (good examples are KidsOnline and IIW)

Stewards Responsibilities

- Are board members

- Votes are important to group functions

- What does it mean (if anything) about a co-board member for a group? IDCommons prefers having a primary steward in each group, and a backup

Survey Results "What is most important thing for 2009"

In order:

1) Help organize what is going on in groups

2) Raise profile between IDCommons and to outside world.

3) Get word out

4) Support working groups

5) More in-person meetings

Operations / IT

- Server Hardware for IDCommons needs research as system is having disk issues

- Information Card enabling wiki/web-sites. Requires purchase of cert for website

- Drupal code to enable Drupal sites to accept Info-Cards. IDCommons (a Drupal site) will be one of the first.

- Use ID Commons as a "sandbox" for folks to safely check out technologies. Make it work super smooth, and "verbose" when someone is using the site will "get-it". Experience an OpenID, Experience I-Card on the web. Safe place to test it out. Write a script / spec on how it would work.

- Drummond mentioned that one of most important services of this group is to provide organization and flow, continuing the momentum from the list management towards the wiki is key to other users.

ID Commons Report

- Reduce frequency to bi-annual? Proposal: Have it's format and audience be around IIW.

- Point: More sharing of group information news via lists, wiki, and site.

- Counterpoint: Having "voice" of IDCommons about stuff that is going on.

- A few opportunities exist to streamline publishing frequency, timing, and content. May be a bit of both together and make sure best content for best audience.

- Conclusion: Semi-annual reports with discovery opportunities. More discussion on email. Can we authorize spending $50 needed?

Group working functions

- Emails are done by votes, for budget, other items.

- Eugene: It is important to refine voting process as a strong group

- Need budget process for discretionary funds setup in future

Meeting adjourned, 10:30PT by Mary Ruddy.