Stewards Council Telecom: 2013 June 6

From IdCommons

Stewards Council Telecon: 2013 June 6 - call to start at 12:15 ET, 9:15 PT - New, new call bridge: Toll: 1-218-339-4300 passcode 1038511#

Note this is our regularly scheduled time


  • Dazza Greenwood
  • Dean Landsman
  • Mary Ruddy


  • Kaliya Hamlin


0) Review of agenda

  • Volunteer to take notes

1) Status update reports

1-3 minutes from each project:

  • OpenID, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, Higgins, Claims-Agent, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, ICF, NSTIC, Digital Death, ISWG, eCitizen

Dean reported that there is real VRM business activity in the UK. ControlShift is in negotioning with companies to provide VRMy services. Customer Voice also has engagements. MyDex and MeData are actively doing business. It is actionable and real and things are happening. On the personal analytics side, there is also activity in the UK. Read what T.Rod authors on the VRM list. He has the technical background to analyze offerings.

Mary reported that the May IDESG Plenary provided an update on the NSTIC pilots. Very good things are happening with the pilots. Gaps are being identified, and learnings are being shared.

Dazza is resurecting the ID legal group. He expects to have an updated charter shortly.

2) Transitioning Dan Perry's responsibilities

The process of transitioning Dan Perry's responsibilities continues to proceed.

Dan Perry will continue to be a member of Identity Commons.

Andy Cowan, who has been handling the accounting for the emancipated council working groups, has agreed to also do the Identity Commons accounting pro-bono.

Dazza Greenwood is chairing the search committee for a new General Council.

Since Dan Perry was our treasurer, we also need to have a new treasurer.

During the meeting, Dean Landsman was nominated to run for Treasurer. Dean has experience with doing this type of thing and accepted the nomination. Mary took an action item to open a discussion period.

3) Community infrastructure