Stewards Council Telecom: 2011 March 2

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2011 March 2 - call to start at 12:15 ET, 9:15 PT - 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#

Note this is our regularly scheduled time


  • Mary Ruddy
  • John Bradley
  • Bob Morgan
  • Mary Hodder
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Dean Landsman
  • Chris Allen


  • Drummond Reed
  • Don Thibeau
  • Brett McDowell
  • Mary Ruddy (need to leave early)


0) Review of agenda

  • Volunteer to take notes

1) Status update reports

1-3 minutes from each project:

  • OpenID, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, Higgins, Claims-Agent, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium,ICF

2) Progress on IC3 and other infrastructure items

3) New working group(s) in process

  • Digital Death

4) upcoming Events


Group Reports

OSIS - Bob Morgan

  • Pre-RSA conversation
  • Generating some more "of value" use cases in government context.
  • There was a lot of interest from the vendor side.
  • Similar model for future interops. Which of the summer events to organize around.
    • Catalyst Conference
    • Cloud ID Summit is an alternative.

OSIS - Bob Morgan

  • organized around information cards initially.
  • "Feature complete" on the shelf of history.
  • Implies more work on the other protocols.

Claims Agent Group - Paul Trevithick

  • Had Face-to-Face at ID Collab Day - Monday - weekly call. noon eastern
  • Some money flowing to that work group - directed donation working, MSFT $ towards it.
  • Who is participating in the group - based on the idea of an active client being optional, thus broadening the level of interest. Focused on e-Government Interactions, BC gov, Avoko working with UK Gov. U-Prove focused, claims stuff emerging out of OpenID might work with that.
  • Relation to the work at Kantara eGov. no particular relationship.

OpenID - John Bradley

  • Board meeting at RSA
  • OpenID Summits - 6 of them.
    • E-Commerce next week in California
    • IIW
  • Work on OpenID-ABC progressing. Wide public review at IIW.
  • OAuth interdependencies.
  • what is the relationship to UMA is being figured out.

Higgins Update - Paul Trevithick

  • pure semantic web linked data
  • active client is implemented as a browser plugin
  • It won't work for certain use-cases
  • using chrome the
  • the goal is to align with OpenID-ABC

ProjectVRM - Dean Landsman

  • Doc spoke at the IAB (Internet Advertising Buerau) was quoted and hash tagged like mad
  • events are happening for the VRM community before and after IIW
  • An asside that Dean brought up protocols are not a starting point of conversation - OAuth understanding is hard
  • YuKon Day -> conversations with Drummond and

Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium - Mary Hodder (chair)

  • Submitted response to Dept. of Commerce Green Paper
  • Submitted response to Do Not Track
  • Getting the word out about the option - public and support and endorsement
  • Working on white papers about the vision
  • Published a summary of the Green Paper Responses.
  • We are not creating a "new event" but rather going with IIW and the New Digital Economics event (April 7th)

IIW - Kaliya

  • It is happening May 3-5 in Mountain View
  • Yukon day is a thematic day - focused on VRM, PDE and business models, some folks are taking it upon themselves to invite VC's.

Digital Death Group

  • Evan Caroll has agreed to put himself forward as the steward
  • We had a happy hour this past week at the Personal Archiving Conference
  • There is a "meet-up" officially at SXSW on March 14th.
  • Digital Death Day is happening on May 6th at CHM (if we can raise the sponsorship)
  • It has been in gestation for a while and is now read to go up for a vote to become an official working group.


  • A collaboration between Kantara, IC and the eCitizen Foundation to support information resources about the strategy and IdM generally. Neither Dazza or Jay were on the call. It needs to go up for a vote shortly.

Chris Allen was on the call and resigned as the Steward for the Marketing Group. The stewards on the call agreed to form an ad-hoc committee to work on messaging on the new site. The first call is noon pacific on Monday.

Several ideas about how to frame the community included "a clubhouse" for user-centric identity.