Stewards Council Telecom: 2010 September 1

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2010 September 1 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST - 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Dean Landsman
  • Drummond Reed
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • John Bradley
  • Dan Perry
  • Bob Morgan


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1-3 minute from each project.

  • OpenID, ICF, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, Higgins

2) New working group

4) Upcoming events: IIW-East and other GOV 2.0 week events. OASIS Identity Management, IIW-London

5) Progress on budget, blogging, communications and other infrastructure items


  • Kaliya: Dean can you start with an update on VRM?
  • Dean [VRM]: It went very well. I’m singing Kaliya’s praises. Kaliya had perspective that many others just didn’t have. I was worried that it would be too Kumbaya for the CRM people. I salute the work you did and the way you did it. And you held it together really, really well.
  • Kaliya: I appreciate it Dean.
  • Dean: There are a bunch more people on the list now. We had a lot more focus and participation. I was our most successful meeting to date.
  • Kaliya: IIW is happening next week. We have 55 people coming. I’m concerned that our DC folks haven’t actually invited anyone to attend. I’m concerned with overlap with topics with the other event on Thursday. Should we extend an invitation to them to join them on Friday?
  • Dean: That is a good idea.
  • Kaliya: If they want to extend the invitation, that would be good.
  • Kaliya: Everything is going really well for the event.
  • John: I was just on another call trying to get the Kantara work groups to publicize it. I’ve been encouraging people to come.
  • Mary: Is there anything else we can do?
  • Kaliya: It is good. we have an amazing group of people coming.
  • Kaliya: Who wants to go next.
  • Drummond: I have one logistical detail with Mary. It is about that Thursday night. ICF is doing a table there.
  • Mary: Yes.
  • Drummond: We may have as many as 8. Is Andrew on the list?
  • Mary: I will add names, including John Bradley to the list.
  • Dean: Is there anything on the second evening?
  • John: I will be in town Friday night.
  • Mary: Follow-up with Kaliya.
  • John [OSIS]: We decided to hold an I6, which will be spread over a number of months. We will get the wiki in shape. It will be an open interop with a dry run at IIW- 11 in November. Targeting a public event maybe at RSA. There is also the possibility that Kantara may attempt to piggy back on that to do some of their certification testing. The idea would be if people are running the same test at the same time, they can also participate, even if Kantara chooses not to publish their results.
  • John: There is a Kantara IRB call.
  • Kaliya: Can you write up something so that we can include it on the IIW invitation page?
  • Drummond [ICF]: I’m no longer ED of OIX. ICF wanted me to focus on ICF, I will still be involved in OIX, and I’m going to the OIX meeting at Gov 2.0. OIX is still very important for me. I want to leverage the ICAM trust framework to do PDX Trust Frameworks. There will be some meetings before IIW and certainly during IIW also. We are focusing on having lots of ICF member collaborating on bringing up the first lighthouse information card customers with higher LOA (2 or 3). I think it will still be a couple of months before we get the first thing up. It is good to see the energy going into that.
  • Drummond [PDX]: Kaliya and I could talk about the energy going into PDX. We may bring up focusing on standards needs of a PDX ecosystem. We had several sessions on that during VRM.
  • Mary [Higgins]: Higgins continues to move forward with release 1.1. We are not quite there yet.
  • Kaliya: Shall we move along? I got this email from Stas about switching servers.
  • Mary: There was an issue with… The ball is in Kaliya’s court.
  • Kaliya: OK , I will do that. I’ve been a little busy. I will tell him how to fix the side bar.
  • Mary: The new digital deal group is still working on organizing themselves.
  • Mary: A couple of companies that have been funding the community approached IC about wanting to do directed funding through IC and have IC have more international optics. We have been continuing this conversation on the Bingo list and plan to have discussions at IIW. We are currently calling the conversation IC3.
  • Kaliya: I had a conversation with Joyce about project VRM landing at Identity Commons after It leaves Berkman as a possible temporary landing place.
  • Drummond: I think that is really cool. I think Mike will be there Wednesday. I will drop him a note to be at those dinners if he can. I think he is actively interested in that topic.
  • Kaliya: Cool.
  • Kaliya: Can you meet with Joyce?
  • Mary: I’ve met with her already.
  • Dan: Was Dean included?
  • Mary: No, this was after the VRM event. VRM has an issue of not wanting to be seen as being under “identity”. VRM would prefer that the name of IC3 not start with identity.
  • Drummond: That is really interesting. There are other orgs that have similar issues. We need to decide about PDX .org, so it would be an influx of energy and potentially funding. Though PDX lagged this summer, it seems to be gaining momentum.
  • Mary: Great. Any other comments?
  • Dean: I always look to Dan’s advice for things like this.
  • Mary: Dan doesn’t seem to be on the line.
  • Mary: We may need to have extra meeting before the next call on this. If we make a lot of progress next week, we can have meetings to get IC3 executed. Hopefully the telco [quality] will be better next time.
  • Kaliya: I look forward to seeing most of you next week in Washington DC.