Stewards Council Telecom: 2010 May 5

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2010 May 7 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST


  • Mary Ruddy
  • John Bradley
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Dan Perry
  • Dean Landsman
  • Mike Kirkwood
  • Chris Reynolds


  • Paul Trevithick
  • Drummond Reed


1) Status update reports - 1-3 minutes from each project.

2) Potential new working group(s).

3) IRS designation

4) Upcoming events: IIW, Digital Death, etc.

5) Blogging, and other activities


  • Kaliya: We will discuss the business items first.
  • Mary: A couple of new working group charters are in process.
  • Kaliya: One is for Nick. Brett is in conversation with his family about setting up a working group to honor his work in security and keep it alive.
  • Kaliya: There is a PDX working group forming around a network of personal data stores. Since it needed a mailing list now, I have set up a mailing list with the understanding that they are submitting a charter immanently. When I talk to Drummond and Paul later today, will ask them when they will submit it.
  • Mary: PDX is going to be big. I’m looking forward to seeing the charter.
  • Mary: Dan Perry is on the call. Dan can you give us an update?
  • Dan: The documents for electing the 501(c)6 status have been completely submitted in their totality. In the interim, the CPA has advised that we need to get the revised bylaws finalized and approved by the stewards. I expect to get all the stewards the changes. We need to call for a vote to approve the changes, then send the final version to the IRS. The IRS won’t sign off until they have the final adopted version. So we need to get them voted. I don’t see the conflicts policy coming into play. We just need to have them. Also, the expectation for 501(c)6 , is that they are very minor revision, so doubt will have much of an issue.

One of the stewards asked about the word “waiver” in the conflicts policy. I haven’t prepared a formal response as I was hoping we would have discussion with the stewards Every jurisdiction has different definitions of waiver. Essentially when you are subject to it you are asked to waive… Don’t want Identity Commons to lose the not for profit status. So, in rare cases of conflict, need to waive that conflict.

  • Kaliya: Last week I saw Scott Blackmer. He is a lawyer working in this area. He said we really need to have a conflict of interest policy, and it didn’t actually need to be in the ByLaws. It could be developed as a separate outside document that could then evolve independently of the ByLaws.
  • Dan: I asked my CPA. She has seen it both ways. The IRS likes to see it in the ByLaws. She recommended putting it in the ByLaws and Articles. We need to restate the ByLaws anyway to reflect the 501c6 status. The odds of Identity Commons needing to change the policy is remote. Given the lightweight structure of Identity Commons, it is not likely that the conflict of interest policy would change.
  • Mary: The previous email on the subject wasn’t clear.
  • Dan: We don’t really hire people, so odds we would have some need to sign it are slim.
  • Kaliya: We need to reconcile this line of reasoning. Before, it seemed like handling it outside the ByLaws seemed more lightweight.
  • Dan: Appreciate that. If it is in the ByLaws, no one can claim they weren’t informed of the importance.
  • Kaliya: We need to make sure new stewards read the ByLaws. This is an opportunity to have a checklist.
  • Mary: We already have a process for creating new working groups, we could add this. This is an opportunity to have a check list.
  • Dan: If we have a conflict of interest policy, it should be in the ByLaws, want to be covered.
  • Kaliya: Part of this is that we need this at the group level so it is still lightweight but are covered.
  • Dan: It is a simple matter to email the articles and ByLaws to every new group. Build it into the working group application process that they have to acknowledge receipt.
  • Mary: We could also add it to the working group charter update processes.
  • Dan: Let’s not forget that the likely hood that this will adversely impact us is very remote
  • Kaliya: We need to articulate the reasoning behind this being a lightweight choice, and what a waiver means. And perhaps adding a step to the working group process so that the Steward and alternate ready this when they change.
  • Dan: Will send a summary of this to the list.
  • Mary: Then we can state a formal discussion period and then vote on it.
  • Dan: We do later this afternoon so can get that started.
  • Chris: Please make sure the email memorializes the importance of reading this thing.
  • Mary: Next topic is upcoming events.
  • Kaliya: IIW and Digital Death Day. Yah!
  • Mary: Also Don Thibeau sent us an update about upcoming OpenID summits.

The 2010 Series of OpenID Summits are a key success factor for the OpenID Foundation. Microsoft has agreed to host a one day OpenID Summit UK at the CP Auditorium on the 8th June. The Summit will be sponsored by the OIDF, at no/low cost and is not affiliated with the European e-Identity Management Conference. The cloud and security oriented European e-Identity Management Conference 2010 will be held in London on 9-10 June 2010 at Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street. 100 Victoria Street, London. It will feature federated identity and discussions of trust frameworks, see <>

The wiki and registration are at


The registration is at <>

The European e-Identity Management Conference Event web site: <>

As in the past with IIW, there will be planned synergies between the OpenID agenda and the EEMA. We are soliciting IdPs and RPs for the summit and maybe a special offer to visit the EEMA conference. We are looking into the options to present an OpenID profile that matches the STORK/ open identity profile. This is an important outreach opportunity for the foundation and a chance for developers, identity providers and relying parties to exchange information. I encourage OIDF Sustaining and corporate members to present on the 8th and use this opportunity to extend the adoption and technology committee discussions to this venue. For further information please contact John Bradley or Don Thibeau.

  • John: Eight have registered for the OpenID summit.
  • Kaliya: Please put a post on the Identity Commons Blog. That works.
  • Kaliya: Do you have a blog login that works?
  • John: Will see.
  • Kaliya: is heavily referenced.
  • Kaliya: The next item is the budget.
  • Mary: Dan is on the line. He can give an update on the current financial status and the budget process.
  • Dan: Counting the PayPal account and bank account we have $7100.
  • Dan: Our expenditures are minimal. The big expenditures are the CPA and IRS submission fees. Our month to month expenses are very little. We are in a hold mode to discuss how to organize a large funding drive. Basically we need money.
  • Kaliya: From what I heard from Phil, IIW sponsorship is at or above last time and registration is above normal. So we will probably be able to provide money to Identity Commons again.
  • Dan: We love you and Phil.
  • Kaliya: Don’t know how much it might be yet.
  • Kaliya: Should we go on to reports?
  • Mary: Great.
  • Dean: This has been an amazing time for VRM. We got a whole magazine. There has been a quantum leap. The CRM magazine devoted an entire issue to VRM.
  • Kaliya: Can you send these things to the stewards list?
  • Dean: I can’t log into the wiki or blog.
  • Dean: The amazing thing is it talks about Doc and the UK. You can’t buy this kind of publicity. It is a best of VRM. Now is the time to make hay while the sun shines. I had been worried, wouldn’t get attention, now, not to worry, there has been a quantum leap. It is evenly written. Will send link on email*
  • Kaliya: Will take that and put it on the blog.
  • Dean: VRM will be significant part of IIW.
  • Kaliya: Have added 1 day registration at IIW. So if you are talking to interested people, you can let them know.
  • Mike: User-centric Health – Have a couple things to report. Health info exchanges have been a huge topic at the federal level. I presented a patient centric view of HIE services. The interesting thing is that while the massive exchange of health records has been defined – several companies have been working on real time exchange. Are planning to present this on June 6th in DC. Interchange between a person and a caregiver is more tractable than a whole heath record. Got approval from Health 2.0 and Kaiser to run health camp on October 6.
  • Kaliya: I just heard from someone asking about health care. Is there a list?
  • Mike: Yes there is a list. I will get back to you about how to engage with the team. The information on the list is a little stale.
  • Kaliya: It would be great if you could send an item to the mailing list and also blog about it.
  • Kaliya: All of this should be up on our blog.
  • Mary: ICF and OIDF (and OIX) have been providing input to the National Strategy for Secure Online Transactions.
  • Kaliya: Sounds encouraging.
  • Mary: OASIS has now formally acknowledged that Identity Commons and OASIS have a liaison relationship in place. We had already begun coordinating with them on events. For example IdTrust and Map the Gaps events.
  • Kaliya: There is also a W3C social incubator working group. I’m officially liaison as of yesterday.
  • Kaliya: John, can you provide an update on Catalyst?
  • John: Burton Group’s Catalyst conference is going to have an in interop again this year. OSIS, OIX, Kantara, OIDF, ICF and InCommon are working together on it. A large group of people are figuring out how to exchange meta data as part of a trust framework.
  • Kaliya: How together is that?
  • Mary: The OSIS wiki has been updated, but we are still in the planning states, so don’t blog yet.
  • Kaliya: When you are ready, publish it to the list.
  • Kaliya: I propose that people publish news items to the list. Then we can blog about them. That will facilitate conversation.
  • Kaliya: Is that a good flow?
  • Mary: Makes sense.
  • Kaliya: Is there anything else?
  • John: OASIS IdTrust, did you get their sponsorship for IIW?
  • Kaliya: That is Phil’s area.
  • Kaliya: Good call. Thanks everyone.