Stewards Council Telecom: 2010 June 2

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2010 June 2 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Dean Landsman
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Brett McDowell
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Daniel Perry


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1-3 minute from each project.

  • OpenID, ICF, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, Higgins

2) IIW - recap

3) Potential new working groups.

4) Budget

5) Upcoming events: Catalyst etc.

6) Progress on blogging, communications and other infrastructure items


  • Dean [VRM] - We started with a VRM update
  • Mary [Higgins] - We are working on bringing Higgins 1.1 to a close and moving forward with Higgins 2.0. work is already proceeding *on Higgins 2.0.
  • Paul - We have restarted the weekly Higgins calls.
  • Paul [ICF] – Have hit a rough patch recently and the team is pulling together. We made a blunder at IIW by not having any sessions directly labeled as related to ICF, so some thought there was no ICF activity there. At the ICF board meeting, we decided to use this as an opportunity to respond in a good way. We thought that Catalyst would be a good deadline to accomplish some things. There are Microsoft CardSpace customers that need more support. This is a good opportunity to evangelize more of what we have got. ICF has put a lot of time and money into IMI This is necessary and good, but we need to double back and put more energy into waiving the info card flag. Drummond was thinking we should do an overhaul of the website
  • Kaliya – Did you do a response to Phil’s website?
  • Paul – We will respond when we have specifics about what we are doing.
  • Kaliya [IIW] - IIW was incredible. If we can get it together, we are planning on doing an IIW-East on Sep 9-10 and an IIW in Europe before RSA. There are now mailing lists for both of these.
  • Kaliya – We had a Digital Death day immediately after IIW. They want to keep meeting and it looks like they will form an IC working group. It became clear that until people have property rights to their data, they can’t leave them in an easy way to relatives after they die. That was the main thrust of the message from the lawyers there. We came up with the killer use case – how do you do future decedents authorization. (i.e. give access to future decedents.)
  • Kaliya – Kids online is very quiet. There is some conversation about having another conference..
  • Dean - Are we having an IIW on September 10Th?h
  • Mary – We had thought that Gov 2.0 would be scheduled to end on the 9th. Now that we know that it is ending on the 8th, we plan to schedule IIW–East for September 9-10.
  • Kaliya –Working now on finding space. Also need to craft the invitation. The theme is open identify for open government. Expect if we do further east coast events, the theme may change.
  • Mary – Brett has the floor to discuss the new working group he is proposing.
  • Brett – I propose a working group called the Givotovsky's "New Digital Deal" Project working group. The purpose is to progress Nick’s conceptual work on the new digital deal. He spoke about this at IIWs and I spoke with him a lot about the principle. I spoke with Nick’s father last summer and reached out to Doc and vetted the idea with other lawyers (Nick’s father is a lawyer, but not in this space.) We talked to IP lawyers, and their response was that the concept is sound. Nick came out of DRM and digital marketing. Nick also produced some patents that were approved, so that is the reason there is more IPR language than you usually see in a charter. There may be a nonprofit foundation that is formed if the model gets any traction. So it is just like other Identity Commons working groups that may have an independent foundation. It is a coordinating working group. Also Nicks’ family might do something with the patents. So are trying to keep default licensing out of this charter. There are some good emails that Nick sent to the id workshop list, that work list moved. I was looking to point to them.
  • Kaliya - The issue is the idworklist mailing list was closed. If you were on it , you can get into the archive, but you can’t point to them on the public web. So I suggest that you publish the emails on the wiki and say were they came from.
  • Kaliya - I’m creating a community time line, and most of the information for it is coming from that mailing list
  • Brett the list of potential members are those that expressed interest. There is a caveat there. I’ve updated the one omission in the charter. There was no steward. I will put myself down for now. It can change in the future?
  • Mary - Yes. You need a name to start.
  • Kaliya – Are there any questions for Brett? Thank you for clarifying the nuances around the patent issues and future foundation it makes sense. I suggest that when you post this to the stewards list that you share that in your link to the charter.
  • Kaliya – The next step is the discussion period. So Brett needs to post it.
  • Mary – After the discussion, I can call for a vote.
  • Mary [OSIS] - OSIS is working on the Catalyst interop. This year it is a multi-protocol interop (IMI, OpenID and SAML]. The theme is Business use cases of open identity for Government. We are also working with the new Kantara Federation Interoperability working group on the definition of multi-protocol federation interoperability meta data.
  • Kaliya – What about discounts for Catalyst.
  • Mary – The Burton Group will make discounts available for the interop participants
  • Kaliya – Can we do a post now about the Catalyst interop?
  • Mary – We need to wait until it has been announced on the Burton Group website..
  • Mary – The budget committee is hard at work.
  • Dan - We are 80-90 % there. I will make appropriate tweaks, and then you can direct me to send them to the list. We are very short on $$. We know that Phil and IIW have been generous. We are still in a budget crunch. We are ok, but do need money.
  • Kaliya – I need to check in with Phil on what our contribution will be. We plan to do that, funds permitting.
  • Dan - We will say nice things to Phil.
  • Kaliya - What is in the budget?
  • Mary – The budget is a baseline budget. If we get additional donations, we can do more.
  • Kaliya –The computer museum would be interested in supporting our documenting what the Identity Community has been doing. They could find people to do that if we had funds…
  • Kaliya - Say if I did a detailed community time line for the last 6-7 years – they could be a vehicle to help out if we found $$.
  • Kaliya – Next (IT task) is to move to our own cloud. We need to do some things as an organization.
  • Mary – The new cloud serer will provide more flexibility for adding new working group blogs and wikis.
  • Brett - I have a question. Dan you are (legal) council? Is the organization solvent?
  • Dan - Yes. Yes, we are solvent.
  • Mary – Yes. we keep within our budget. It is a very small budget. We would like to have more money to keep within a larger budget.
  • Mary – The next topic is the ByLaws.
  • Dan – I emailed last month a proposal for revision that would be consistent with what is now expected by the IRS. One merely reflects that we would be a 501 (c )6 , a professional organization category. We don’t come close to qualify for 501(c)3. IRS has acknowledged our proposal. In the interim we have to modify the ByLaws and Articles to indicate that we a have a conflicts policy. The IRS provided suggested language. I, with minimal changes, put it in the ByLaws. Why the ByLaws? It is precisely because we are loose organization . It is important to put it there so that everyone sees them. The IRS has our proposed changes. We now have to give them the approved version. I move that we schedule for a vote as soon as have the discussion period.
  • Drummond – ICF had to go exactly though this procedure for exactly the same reason. We need to have a policy on record with the IRS. It is a no brainer.
  • Dan, Mary – Thank you.
  • Brett – Is there a question about being a c3?
  • Dan - There is no question. We don’t qualify as a c3. The only issue is text for the conflicts policy.
  • Kaliya –Dan, that hasn’t gone out to the list.
  • Dean - I have to jump off for the VRM call. Will there be a fix so I can get on the blog to post?.
  • Kaliya – I will look into that.
  • Kaliya – If people have questions about the proposed text?
  • Dan - I sent it to the list on April 21st I should have resent it.
  • Kaliya – Next we need to vote.
  • Mary – We need to start the formal discussion period and then vote.
  • Dan – You and I need to coordinate, then we send that out and get it rolling.
  • Kaliya - Anything else?
  • Dan – Mary you emailed me about your new email not working. It worked on my machine. We will shortly be able to have emails such as , media, newbies, etc.
  • Kaliya – Yah. I’m excited about all progress we are making.
  • Kaliya – I will blog about IIW on it on [1]
  • Kaliya – If there is nothing else, then great. See you next time.

Thank you