Stewards Council Telecom: 2010 December 1

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2010 December 1 - call to start at 12:15 ET, 9:15 PT - 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#

Note this is our regularly scheduled time


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Dan Perry
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Dean Landsman
  • Don Thibeau
  • Drummond Reed


0) Review of agenda

  • Volunteer to take notes

1) Status update reports

1-3 minutes from each project:

  • OpenID, ICF, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, Higgins
  • IIW - Kaliya:– IIW Event went really well. Didn't sell all the sponsorships, but sold most. Are working to get surveys our to all attendees for Mountain, East and EU events. We are doing an identity collaboration day with Kantara on Feb 14th. The website should go live soon. Send your suggestions for framing issues to Kaliya ASAP. We are calling it Identity Collaboration day. IIW will be the first or 3rd week of May. Will waiting until get more surveys back before commit to additional events.
  • Higgins - PaulT: mentioned that most of the energy is around supporting the Mydex/VRM pilots in the UK.
  • Project VRM - DeanL: Still appreciating the acceptance and embracing of VRM at IIW, that VRM continues to be understood and considered essential in processes, coding and company structures ; work on "new org" structure of Project VRM contnues; some code being written, as well as some discussions with others re using Phil's Kynetyx as code basis for VRM-compliant or VRM-active code for initiatives, ventures, etc.
  • OpenID - JohnB: voting for the new board starts today. Board meeting coming up to discuss the future directions of OpenID. Earlier flavors: OpenID AB (Artifact Binding) (Nat and JohnB), OpenID Connect (David). Current work in the Artifact Binding WG is being called "OpenID ABC"--the harmonization of "artifact binding" and "connect". There are already people deploying OpenID AB.
  • ICF - Mary: we continue to work in the area of "verified claims". We worked with Kantara, OIX, OIDF, and others to work on a letter to FICAM suggesting that some of the privacy intentions were beyond the state of the art of today's protocols. As a consequence on afternoon of Dec 17th in DC there will be a follow-on meeting about this issue.
  • OSIS - JohnB: we're still trying to figure out what we're going to demo at RSA. We're working on an "I6" wiki up and running. We have some wonderful new SAML tests that Nate Klingenstein and the Shib folks have contributed

2) Progress on IC3 and other infrastructure items

Mary: IC3 conversations continue, especially getting VRM input later this week. We've researched doing donor advised funding and how it works from an IRS standpoint. Next step is to have a legal call (with lawyers) from initial organizations.

3) New working group(s) in process

  • Personal Data Ecosystem - Kaliya
    • PDX is a community trade assn in the Personal Data Ecosystem space. Plan to write up a charter this week. One of the people excited about it was an expert in value network analysis and networking. Looking to raise funds to fund this effort. There are large companies interested whether a PDX business model can line up with end user interests. There were a lot of PDX discussions at IIW.
  • NextGen Selector Charter - Paul
  • Paul: So the basic idea, didn’t know what to call it, is to create a forum to discuss next generation selectors. Take learning of all previous efforts. It starts with a cloud selector. Doesn't require any downloads, and next step is there may be a tiny browser extension to improve anti-fishing characteristics. Then next, it may include the option to include an active client. Some are calling this a hybrid model. It will support existing protocols. We aren’t taking the view that it needs to support this or that protocol. Ii will have the ability to move verified claims from A to B. To the extent can build on exiting protocols, lets do that. In the past we have written up specs and implemented them or vice a versa. Net result is the software is slower to evolve and not integrated. So new idea is to explicitly fund reference code while we develop the specs. Hopefully just profiles of stuff like OpenID ABC. There are may gaps. The Kantara ULX working group has found that even though we tried to just focus on user experience, that we had to proposed changes to the meta data to make a multi-protocol selector really work. We are discussing if the license should be Apache or EPL. ICF is in a transition phase. This new working group becomes a new work areas. We are hoping by doing this at IC we can be more inclusive than previously. Because funding is involved, we are talking with big companies.
  • Kaliya: Have you tracked the final version of the report WC3 is releasing today? It fits into what you are saying.
  • Paul: I've been pretty involved in this group and worked on previous drafts.
  • Kaliya: They are making recommendations to take action. It says we should collaborate with existing communities.
  • Paul: They have been open and inviting.It has been hard to get work done when some have strong feeling about what groups they want to work in and not work in. If this group gets started I think it will have implications for the ULX group. This is an opportunity to see what collaboration we can have with WC3. Think we will continue to have some parallel efforts for a while.
  • John: What is most confusing is where this seems to be a jumble of standards and open source implementation.
  • Paul: The intent is not be be standards body. Intent is to write code and collaborate and have the standard(s) at OASIS or something.
  • John: That would clarify it quit a bit.
  • Paul: I'll make that change [to the charter] immediately.
  • John: In OpenID ABC we have a notion of a wallet provider. Is this an IdP implementation or a multi-protocol IdP implementation that can support ABC and Avoco, and or other things, SAML etc.? It would be great to move cards between these. There needs to be a liaison role.

4) Upcoming events: RSA planning, IIW

  • OSIS and Kantara are planning an Identity Collaboration day on February 14th at the beginning of RSA in San Francisco. SeeCollaboration Day Registration Early bird registration through January 10th. NOte that this replaces the traditional Kantara Workshop