Stewards Council Telecom: 2009 May 6

From IdCommons

Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 May 6 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Dan Perry
  • Drummond Reed
  • Eugene Kim
  • Chris Reynolds


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1 (short) minute from each project.

2) Updates on action items from last call [very brief]

  • Voting update: DataPortability approved and budget approved, next vote is to deprovision I-Broker Commons
  • New system for blogs
  • Business Committee update

3) Kantara is launched.

4) Systems Tasks

  1. New blog/aggregation after new blog on new system
  2. PLEASE DO YOUR QUARTERLY REPORTS - will be bugging people for and getting quarterly reports (to be published prior)
  3. will be collecting "one pagers" beginning now and ending 5 weeks before conference


1) Status Update reports:

  • [Mary] Mike Kirkwood sent an update. He is testing out a Twibe group for Identity Commons (all feedback welcome). He’s thinking the next step would be posting Identity Commons meeting announcements (did one for this meeting) and meeting notes, posting links to them in the @identityCommons stream. He also reports that the User-centric Health working group had its fourth meeting last week. They brought in some “newbies” to review use cases and realized that there are a lot of details in the Preconditions. (e.g. Do I have Insurance, A Doctor, A Condition, etc..) Started adding them to the flow.
  • OSIS – Now that RSA is over, Burton Group is planning their interop.
  • [Kaliya] IIW so far looks good, but nobody has done their reports. Over 115 registered. The schedule changed, it starts Monday AM. Have achieved sponsorship critical mass, Still have some room if more are interested. ICF and OpenID foundation both stepped up.

2) Update on action items from last call

  • [Mary] We have completed two votes in the last month. DataPortability was approved and the budget was approved. Next vote is to de-provision I-Broker Commons. There is another inactive group that has not responded to my outreached.
  • [Eugene] if you make legitimate outreach and they are not active, then a vote is merited at that time.
  • [Mary] We also have a new system for hosting our Identity Commons blogs.
  • [Eugene] I offered to host blogs and wikis. The systems are already up: MediaWiki and WordPress. I offered that and Stas and I have been interacting. Have talked about modifying the systems to enable Information Cards.
  • [Mary ] Kaliya do you need access to the system? (Eugene and Kaliya to follow-up off line.)
  • [Mary] Kaliya, When so you expect to have the new blog up?
  • [Kaliya} Depends on whether I’m able to access the systems while I’m traveling. The goal is to have it up and running, and for stewards to have accounts at IIW. May ask all stewards to do a post there. May ask Pam for help.
  • [Mary] Is this also going to support the aggregate blogs?
  • [Kaliya] Yes, this place may be modified to do that potentially. That is the conversation I had with Chris and David at South By South West.
  • [Dan] Are you talking about setting up RSS feeds?
  • [Eugene] Aggregating RSS feed from Twitter, blog or wiki and setting up an aggregator so can go to one place.
  • [Drummond] Knowing that we are going to do it that way, the charter should be updated to include a reference to that source. A reference to the source should be added right there on the charter.
  • [Dan] Yes, if are going to have this, we should publicize it.
  • [Kaliya] At IIW can work to define the sources.
  • [Mary] The next item is the Business Committee update. Last time we agreed to have a Business meeting between Stewards calls to make progress on the business action items between calls, and so that we don’t clog up the Stewards call with too much administrivia.
  • [Chris] I’m pretty concerned about this based on what I see in other groups. If it were up to me, I would be against it. The reason is not a logical one, it is just an experiential one. The stuff that is most exciting is the technical consensus work. The business stuff gets swept aside, and keeping the $$ flowing to keep the org growing gets lost.
  • [Chris] One reason is that it is everyone’s job to keep the organization running.
  • [Drummond] So the alternative is that there is not a separate business committee?
  • [Eugene] That’s right.
  • [Drummond] I’m fine either way. Chris has a point.
  • [Eugene] I think there is a lot of admin stuff happening behind the scenes. Having the committee take care of votes and stuff behind the scenes makes sense.
  • [Chris] For admin, I agree. My concern is for stuff that transcends admin: Budget. I don’t want people on the business committee to think that they are bearing the burden of keeping the organization funded solely.
  • [Mary] I hear your Chris. We should have more talk about funding and less talk about the wiki.
  • [Chris] I started to make a list of candidates we can go to for sponsorships.
  • [Dan] You mean for sponsors?
  • [Chris] Sponsors or donors. I‘m leaving that up in the air. I’m looking at the budget and realizing that we have to do something.
  • [Chris] I would be happy to write up a 1-2 page document to give to perspective donors]. Then we could edit it in an upcoming meeting. We need a leave behind.
  • [Mary] As highlighted with Kaliya’s success.
  • [Chris] So that this is a crisp task, the next step is to have Chris say when Chris will be done. I will email Mary in a day or so.
  • [Chris] I haven’t done anything for a while about the newbies group.
  • [Dan] Newbies have to understand fundraising.
  • [Mary] Here, here.
  • [Chris] The take away is the Dan is right. We need to put a lot of urgency behind fund raising. Others who aren’t as germane are raising money. So we need to do this.
  • [Dan] Need to stop hand wringing.

3. Kantara

  • [Drummond] On that note, there were discussions at RSA that ultimately were not fruitful, but I heard some folks talk about the option of getting $$ from Kantara. Is that still on the list?
  • [Eugene] We can take $$ from everyone.
  • [Chris] We can, with one exception. Some in the past have offered funds with obviously selfish terms. We take our openness seriously. Our conferences are not press conferences, but other than that, yes.
  • [Drummond] As of May 21st. Kantara will be in a position to start recognizing other groups. Don’t know when they will do their first budget. It will come up in the next quarter. I know it is a touchy subject.
  • [Drummond] The real bottom line is it is still unclear how much new $$ they will attract. Still there will be $$ allocated. No question that if we showed up at the table we would get $$. Maybe people should give Kantara feedback. What does it mean for an org to join another org.
  • []But conceptually speaking it doesn’t make sense. What we as IC should do as a community, is deemphasize the org . If we join Kantara, do we also need to join IC3, etc?
  • [Kaliya] The big difference is types of groups. Kantara has 3, IC has one. Members, discussion groups and work groups. I tried to ask Lucy: what is the role of helping member group community? There wasn’t any of that there. The two orgs do different things in structure and intent.
  • [Drummond] It cost ICF nothing to join as a non –profit. As a non profit member, it can form working groups and discussion groups. They are what gets funds.
  • [Kaliya] Then battle to get $$.
  • [Drummond] Because of its neutrality and centrality, IC might even make the cut. This will be talked about at IIW a lot. There is still a disconnect.
  • [Eugene] I’m concerned that competing for funds conflicts with neutrality. I don’t see why we couldn’t raise $$ with sponsorships. Does the leadership council make allocations.
  • [Kaliya] The leadership makes recommendation and the Trustees need to approve.
  • [Mary] The money need to support Identity Commons is a fraction of what it costs to produce IIW .
  • [Drummond] Agreed. We need to carpe diem. This is the time. We are only looking for small amounts of money.
  • [Kaliya] Kantara is structured to support OSIS and Concordia type groups, not ICF and IC type groups.
  • [Drummond] Identity Commons is a working group of working groups.
  • [Mary] One last item. What about the “one pagers” for IIW. Should we just update what we did last year? Is it the same format?
  • [Kaliya] Yes.