Revenue Plan

From IdCommons

Here's what I will try to learn about or resolve regarding the IIW & theTeam Legal-ID:

  • What is our fundraising history?
  • How can we more thoughtfully set pricing for attendance at our activities?
  • Can we sometimes hold linked events, with a high priced day (e.g., for Law Firms) followed by a lower priced, more open event?

Question: can we start an IIW membership program with annual dues?

Most non-profit donations are provided by individuals. I suspect that 70% of EFF's money is made of single membership donations. Corporations tend to give the next largest share, mainly for marketing purposes. Foundations give the least, and seldom to non-profits that don't have a track read of building a following of small donors.

Most of what I believe about fundraising I learned from Kim Klein. (NOTE:

Kim's three core rules are:

  • plan, plan, plan and work the plan;
  • one must ask in order to receive; and
  • always interweave events with fundraising asks and with membership drives.