Potential Partners

From IdCommons

The event needs a host, an identified set of institutional co-conveners, and a targeted set of attendees.


We want someone who can contribute an appropriate physical space, including network infrastructure and reconfigurable seating.


We (the ID-Legal group) are the conveners, but we need co-conveners.

An important question is: what do we want out of a co-convener, and what do we think they can get out of it?

A convener will probably be someone who has an interest in the topic area (so for example, a Law school which wants to expose its students to this kind of material, or a commercial enterprise which wants to participate for purposes of strategic planning, or a foundation which has this as part of its charter).

Judi notes that USACM is interested in this topic and might be willing to be a convener.

User groups or large technology vendors are also potential sponsors

Consumer advocacy groups (ACLU, Consumers Union) are also potential sponsors.


As requested in our previous call, if you have any contacts or suggestions for people/companies who should be included in our events, please list a name or company. Here's our preliminary list of participants to invite: http://wiki.idcommons.net/index.php/ID-Legal#WHO

Here's a list we've compiled of Identity companies: http://wiki.idcommons.net/index.php/Identity_Companies

and a related outside list: http://identityaccessmanagement.blogspot.com/2005/05/vendor-list.html