N4N Call March 11 2007

From IdCommons


  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Cindy Spannhake
  • Steven Greenburg


Talk about

  • Helping with IIW2008a Announcement Copy
  • Working on the development of Starting Points
  • Helping to outline the intro part of IIW



why are we here?

Thinking is a bit farther ahead in 'the thinking' in the data portability. Finding out about the Identity Commons model and how it works.

What they didn't get - a loose affiliation rather then a control structure. they heard - portability is as subset of identity so you belong as a subset of 'us'.

Get that loose coupling in place and avoid that other stuff.

Feedback on IIW copy

  • what do we mean by user-centric identity in the large?
    • need to answer the question

user-centric identity

  • it sounds like a buzzword - very person that uses it has its own definition.
  • aspect of control in the

user-centric movement message about CONTROL is not coming across

  • who has access to what when where why and how

When some people think of a specific technology - they think of OpenID - list of all the technologies that are part of the community.

It is broad term we mean things like ability use identity in multiple places

what besides open ID is user-centric

current stuff oAuth, OpenID Next generation tools card selctors, Information Cards Data Linking & Access Management

Presence Management

User-Centric Identity is

  • the ability use in more then one site
  • who sees what information about you
  • presence and profile information

ability maintain multiple identities


  • Preferences (attention)
  • purchase history

No tool set to control how information is used. Making avaliable for digital identity things you do in the regular world.

Things you do intuitively in the real world but you can't do that yet in the digital world.

Combine data from various locations.

Improving Existing Legal Constructs

  • Privacy

New Legal constructs

  • Limited Liablity Persona's

New Business models

  • Identity Oracle

Citizenship Perspective:

  • How can we co-ordinate and work together

Laundry List of 'goodness'

What specifically about user-centric ID makes this possible.

Technologist - what is the point

Starting Points Page

Types of information and how it should be organized Link - Indepth statement what community is, what it believes.

What is this user-centric identity of which you speak?

This is the point of an 'individual' and the perspective of the company/organization that might implement.


Links to overviews of the technologies. List of Technologies

If you care about X




Portable Groups

Data portability

preference portability

Attention portability