N4N Call Jan 29 2007

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1) Brief review of what inspired Newbies4Newbies during the workshop.

2) "Where are we" now (express our current thinking about Newbies4Newbies)?

3) How do we want to communicate with each other, at least at the outset?

4) There are areas of focus that are kind of "self-sorting." Who can/should/wants to lead or be responsible for each?

  • Starting Points page(s) on the Web
  • Welcome Wagon efforts and activities during the next workshop
  • Friendlies (mentors): finding them, cultivating them, communicating with them, and keeping a supply of friendlies for each area of expertise
  • Other focus areas we haven’t thought of yet

5) Communications outward about what we're doing (ex. posting to the Newbies "what's happening" page, etc.)

6) Optional discussion topics, depending on time:

  • What are key topic areas for the Starting Points Web resource?
  • What are key topic areas in which to find and cultivate friendlies?
  • What kinds of things might we want to build into the next workshop for the next generation of newbies?


1) Summary of why Newbies 4 Newbies

2) How do we want to do our work?

  • One possible way to work is to use google groups and do things and within those parameters?
  • Kaliya put forward that it would be good to use the IC Mailing list. Wiki.
  • Cindy likes Google groups threading.
  • Keep important results - outcomes on the wiki.
  • Why it is good to be public? was discussed. Keeping it accessible is a good thing.
  • Decision was made to go with the IC mailing list infrastructure
  • How often Phone calls? - as needed perhaps more often as the next IIW approaches

3) Areas of Focus

  • Starting Points
    • It has links and pointers to places where people can learn more. Narative and description so that things make sense. Overview and areas - basic terminologies and topics.
      • How does openID fit in
      • Why are we talking about legal issues at IC.
      • How is WS* different then YADIS
    • Orientation for different perspectives
      • What a Marketers need to know
      • What an open source coder
  • Welcome Wagon helping connect Friendlies and Newbies
  • Activities during IIW
  • Friendlies this is our word to describe mentors who can help new people get oriented to their topic area.
    • Those who can help new people get oriented, not necessarily 'the expert', the are able to speak 'English'.
  • A push for improving the home page for IIW.
  • Using a Social Network for interlinking - Ning or Crowdvine. (something to be discussed by the IIW Design Team)

4)Next Steps

Get Dialogue going for Starting Points - What it should cover. How it will be organized. Then from there go and divide up who is responsible for what. Out of this links to resources will be identified AND who could be helpful as Friendlies filling in missing information.

Next Phone Call