Jan 10 Call

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Community Call on NSTIC Annoucement at Stanford on Friday Jan 7th.

Monday Jan 10th - 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern

Log of mibbit.com chat for this call

Partial list of attendees (33 persons were on the call)

  • Bob Pinero, Independent
  • Colin, BC Gov
  • Jim Fenton, Cisco
  • Greg Turner, Sierra Systems, BC
  • Allan Wall, CBN university
  • Peter Watkins, BC gov
  • Jay Unger,
  • JN Ryan,-
  • Myisha Frazier-McElveen,
  • Joni Brennan, Kantara Initiative
  • Lena Kannappan, FuGen Solutions
  • Ken Klingenstein, InCommom
  • Peter Bachman
  • Scott David, OIX, OIDF, IC and eCitizen…
  • Sal D’Agostino, ID Machines
  • Mary Hodder, independent
  • Peter Capek
  • Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Commons,
  • Mary Ruddy, Identity Commons, ICF
  • Michael Helm, Lawrence Livermore Labs
  •  ??, Anakam
  • Jeff Stallman
  • Trent Adams, ISOC
  • Charles Andres, PBB


  • Program Office to be at Department of Commerce
    • Thoughts Comments, Insights
  • Media/People's Reaction on Twitter (share links at bottom of this page)
    • Negative Frames and what we as a community involved can do
    • Should we be thinking about authoring open editorials in advance of "official" anoucement
    • Danger of WikiLeaks subpoena of twitter and identity issues there getting mixed up with this
    • Other issues people see with this rising in profile
      • Government + Identity = Big Brother (Right wing fears rights dilution; Left wing fears government intrusion; everyone fears abuse of power)
      • Most people don't understand digital identity issues and can't tell what's good or bad about any proposed solution
      • Most people think everyone has a hidden agenda
      • Messages need to be crafted to be understood and accepted by the target audience
  • Target Audiences (requiring differing tutorial levels)
    • Policy Makers
    • Lobbyists who influence policy makers
    • Influencers: Subject experts, reporters, pundits
    • non-profits with good reputation for protecting peoples' rights (at least with one main constituency - left or right)
    • businesses that stand to benefit
    • well-meaning citizen leaders
    • Bob Q. Citizen (NRA member, Republican demographic: doesn't trust government)
    • Alice Q. Citizen (Civil rights activist, Democrat demographic: doesn't trust government)


Several of the people on the call were physically at the event. Many others had viewed the webex. A video of the Stanford event is now available at http://www.techamerica.org/nstic We began by hearing from those who were there (Lena, Kaliya, MaryH and Don) A key announcement was that the Program Office would be at the Department of Commerce, which is considered a good thing. Key messages from the event included

  • “End game to create an identity ecosystem”
  • Internet policy task force already launched
  • Need industry help, want to work with industry on new standards
  • Want to support important pilot projects
  • “Use strong interoperable credentials from public and private sector providers”
  • Continued support for anonymity, won’t require USB or smart card
  • Want to be private sector led, voluntary and competitive and diverse
  • Not one size fits all
  • Need to go global as well
  • Want to enable entrepreneurship

This event appeared to be the first step in an outreach education process. The presenters went out of their way to talk about privacy. The CBS article and others – see http://wiki.idcommons.net/NSTIC seemed to interpret this as a “big brother initiative”. It was noted that there wasn’t any one from the user-centric community on the panel, and that it is important that that voice be included. Kaliya and MaryH are following up on this. It is important to push the user centric point of view. This should come from people with a deliberative community behind them, not vendor representatives. We agreed that we need to

  • Organize and offer our help
  • Provide messaging to head off criticism, emphasizing the themes of
    • user centric
    • choice
    • multiple providers

Out Reach Actions items

  • Times (Jay, Mary (Hodder) and Peter)
  • Economist - ?
  • Business Week - Jay is calling
  • Wired - Kaliya -> Gary Wolf

Community infrastructure action items

  • Organize wiki
  • Increase call bridge capacity
  • Mailing list