Identity Future Fiction Logo

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Our Next Identities

Logo Brief:

  • be futuristic
  • say something about "identity"
  • express the networked and relationship context in which Identities happen
  • potentially play on the ID commons and or Internet Identity Workshop logo

Logo submissions: As part of the submission, you must be willing to give up all your rights to the copyright and donate it to the community via the Identity Commons project.

Submissions can be made via JPG/GIF/PNG however please be prepared to provide high resolution/vector graphic versions of your work.

Submission Details: Submissions should be made to the Flickr Pool {does Identity Commons have a flickr account already? if so can we create a pool fo submissions?) | example: here is the Flickr pool we did for the dataportabilty project If you do not have a Flickr account or would rather not submit them there, please send them to [who's email?] Legal Advice:

Once we have a logo (or at least a short list) we would welcome legal help/advice/sponsorship regarding TM and/or Community Marks so that we can ensure the logo is free and clear of IPR entanglements.