ID-Legal 4-2-09

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ID Legal Teleconference

Original Date: April 2, 2009

Make-Up Date: April 8, 2009 12pm EDT (9am PDT)

Call details: Dial-In Number: +1(309)946-5255 Access Code:659714

Proposed Agenda:

  1. UPDATE: A short list of technology participants complete. Continuing to solicit input on legal and policy candidates. (Action item from 3/5/2009 call.)
  2. UPDATE: In the call between Scott, Kaliya, and Lucy on the event process itself, the April event was canceled. Seeking an alternate date in June. (Action item from 3/5/2009 call.)
  3. TODO: Home in on potential dates for June meeting.
  4. TODO: Discuss a session at IIW that will serve a recruiting venue for technical participants.
  5. NEW: Making this group (calls) relevant to our work and interests


  • Lucy Lynch (chair)


  • J. Trent Adams
  • Judi Clark
  • Dan Perry
  • Michael Froomkin


  • Update: short list of tech participants nearing completion, more discussion between Lucy and Kaliya
  • Crafting invitee list: missing, no link available
  • Focus needed on Legal and Policy Candidates
  • Dan: Question about target: policy? identity? Federal folks? 20 min on Google will get you a list of relevant parties. Feds may not be interested in "filling a gap" that's not perceived as needing to be filled.
  • Judi: also lost on mission, suggestions to make. Much of planning is happening behind the scenes.
  • Dan: if you're looking for something other than the Feds, let's talk.
  • Trent: take-away: need a clearer mission of the conference.
  • Dan: same time problem exists: too short a timeframe if notice goes out in May for June conf. Bigger conf in fall.
  • Trent: question: is setting a summit date putting cart before horse? is there foundational work needing to be done first to build a reason for participants to attend?
  • Dan & Judi: acknowledges that Lucy and Kaliya have done tremendous work already. If K & L have work nailed down, we're fine with it. However, if they're asking for our help, we're not clear on how best to do this. Short time to evangelize.
  • Dan: from outreach standpoint, we'd love to see this work, but afraid of what we don't know about and short timeframe. Lawyers work on longer schedules, may not be available for event one month away.
  • Important: some frustration about wanting to help but not having enough info, wanting to support Lucy's and Kaliya's work.
  • Dan: perhaps we could consider organizing a webinar? Michael Froomkin expressed concern because of limited value, but if good quality service (WebEx?) and scripted event might work for preliminary meeting. Also could record and release later.
  • Judi: can't do virtual hall-time in webinar for networking
  • Dan: can do social networking to accomplish much of the same thing. Would rather have an ongoing social media conversation. Our group is global, why are we not using social media to its fullest benefit?
  • Trent: circle back w Lucy, see what we can do. Need to understand current mission and scope.
  • Re: IIW conf:
  1. meet at IIW to discuss and move our meetings forward (June, Fall, etc)
  2. how to move our group interest forward at IIW
  • Dan: have attended IIW confs, understands content, asked what questions? Technologists don't know what questions to ask other than how to prevent being sued. Example: jurisdiction and privacy policy? Compliance w FTC regulations? He understands and agrees that technologists can't understand scope of matter, but let's have guided discussion. Taxes, insurance, etc. If we accomplish one thing at IIW, let it be informative beyond "being sued."
  • Judi: will help develop a guided discussion for IIW.
  • Michael: might also be able to participate, spends mental cycles elsewhere so gatherings are useful
  • Judi: recruiting for the dialog, separate recruitment for meetings

Re: making our work relevant to whole group

  • How do we get our group membership active?
  • Trent: how to measure effectiveness: achievable milestones. Will act as catalyst for this discussion.

Action Items:

  • Trent: talk with Lucy to get update on mission and scope
  • Trent: be catalyst for discussion on forwarding our mission via milestones
  • Judi: point person for streaming selected sessions from IIW