ID-Legal 12-11-08

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Call in Time

1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 11am Hawaii

Dedicated Dial-In Number: 1(309)946-5255 Access Code:659714


  • Judi Clark
  • Scott David
  • Michael Froomkin




  • Greg Hevencamp
  • Michael Froomkin
  • Judi Clark

Notes from call:

  • We couldn't talk about Stewardship issue as Greg and Michael could not volunteer for position, Lucy not on call to talk about co-chairing. Judi remains as acting Steward.
  • Tasks from prior meetings are brought forward to ASAP status, or failing that into Jan. phone call:
    • Kaliya and Lucy: timeline and meta-themes/guidelines for spring conference (NOTE: Michael commented that spring calendars are quickly filling up and setting a date should be a top priority)
    • Dazza re: policy space? (was this for IIW or was this an action item?)
    • set of wiki pages defined in Oct. 9 notes - status and continued need for pages?
  • Cyberspace article discussion: interesting paper, MF pointed out that it's the only one that argues against sharp distinction between civilian and military approach. MF: good group of people involved (see end of report). GH: Paper outlined IP protocols, many don't exist today, don't know how they're proposing we get there. Concern for government-approved identity credentials (shades of Real ID).