ID-Legal 08-28-08

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  • Review Charter Updates by Scott.
  • IC Stewards Council Vote on our group is happening - participate on this list

Consider who we want to be a high level co-convener with this group for our event.

  • What is our "ask" to them and how do we see collaboration working?
  • who is going to approach them and how?
  • Maybe we just ask a range of different entities to be "media sponsors" (they don't give us money but promote the event - send people etc).
  • Event Design - what progress has been made on this - next steps?
  • Fundraising - what do we need to solicity support
  • Who do we need participating in this group to make this a success?
    • Mary Rundle (recently hired at MSFT to do EULA's/IRA)

Post-Call Notes from Kaliya

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 23:18:38 -0700 From: Kaliya Hamlin <> Subject: [Legal-id] Charter - ConCall

Hi Everyone,

I hope summer is going well. I know it is really foggy and cold here in Berkeley but I imagine that is not true for everyone else (I dig get out of the Bay to Seattle and Vancouver and it was positively hot there).

Last week I had a great chance to meet and talk with Scott David in Seattle (a first meeting - he was introduced to me via e-mail by our mutual friend Sheri 6 months ago). We had a good discussion that included science and the arts related to identity.

I talked with Dazza today in person too - learned more about his history working for the state of Mass. as a government lawyer on identity issues. - interesting.

I am hopping this week to catch up with Rene, Judi and Lucy too. So I am thinking that next week would be a good time for a next call. How does Tuesday sound for folks?

I have put the changes that Scott worked on for the charter up on the wiki. Feel free to look them over [[1]]

Here is the current outline of the event as Bob wrote it [[2]]

We need to figure out who (or which institution) - if anyone we want to go and ask to co-convene or perhaps the right phrasing is sponsor.

I will ask again about CHM avalability - but maybe we want to put it in a school before school starts in the new year.

Regards, =Kaliya

ps. I know that folks are overwhelmed with stuff 'to do' - after working on IIW and Kids Online this is one of the key events that I am focused on for the year - I have a lot of energy to work on making it happen - I just don't want to do it in a vacum and without good co- inviters/ hosts.

Kaliya - Planetwork Network Director