Guiding Principles

From IdCommons
  1. We will not define new schemas nor attributes, other than metadata to bootstrap describing the schema or attribute itself.
  2. We will define how existing forms of schema or attribute identifiers that aren't URIs can be mapped into URIs and resolved into URLs of documents that describe the schema or attribute. For the XDI dictionary model, will assign XRIs in the XRI dictionary space (the global context symbol "+").
  3. We will catalogue existing schemas or attributes and describe their semantics using RDFa, HOWL and XDI
  4. We will, where possible, create cross references between attributes with the same semantics. In the XDI dictionary space, these will be formal XRI cross-references.
  5. We will will encourage peer production and community involvement.
  6. We will invent as little as possible.

Note: This group will predominately target "attribute" elements of schemas for metadata, however other kinds of schema elements (such as an LDAP object class) will also be considered.