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Claims Agent Working Group


The purpose of this working group is to (i) create a forum for the development of standards-based, interoperable, verified claims agent implementations (which would include both open source and commercial components), to (ii) initially focus on specific scenarios that the community and customers work together to implement and deploy end-to-end and (iii) provide funding and other incentives for the development of open source components. A verified claims agent is a set of software components that allows the user to utilize claim-sets from different sources at relying parties (RPs) of their choosing, under their control, using technology that helps to protect their privacy and helps to ensure the security of the system end to end. Verified claims come from sources that do the verification and digitally sign the claims-sets; the agent itself does not do the verification and does not re-sign the claims or sets.


Planned: Weekly Calls. Monday at 12:00 Noon ET


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