2009 Q1 Report User Centric Health

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This is the User Centric Health Q1 Report


- Formed group in December, approved in January

- Identified use cases for initial focus

- Started Use Case 1-3, baselining "aggregate and share" my personal health information

- Evaluated real-world use cases with existing Health providers


- Setting up more frequent meetings (once monthly seems too long) especially if miss one meeting


- Request to have deeper discussion with Data Portability Healthcare task force, share use cases

- Request to have an initial example of a CCR XML document with XDI assertions

- Request to sit down with VRM team to discuss health use cases (started process talking to Iain (IIW)


- Health 2.0 working session in Boston, plan on sharing use cases and group with the H2A (Health 2.0 Accelerator)